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When God Speaks

Listen to the quiet voice
realize He is speaking to you.

A peaceful, small sound,
keeping you from evil.

There is no one that loves you
more than He does.

A spiritual connection
to a Higher Being.

Listen. Be still.
Stop walking, stop talking.

Thought you had life figured out.
It all seemed so simple back then,
a pen, a little sin, and a win.

Then God speaks.
Warns you of what is to come.
Leaves you with a choice.
Make the right one.

Nicholl McGuire


He Doesn't Know His Role

Walking around without a care,
does nothing more than stare.

Came to me one day with much to say,
I just couldn't pray.

You see, people sometimes are up to no good,
so they run to another 'hood.
Hoping things will get better,
while avoiding God's love letter.

God uses people around us to expose lies,
and tell of those who like to compromise.

An enemy yesterday, a friend today,
now he wants to talk, to pray.

When feeling down low,
some will play up the show.

"Woe is me, look at me,
can't you see, what happened to me?"

But what were the events that led up
to the Spirit's man's cries, and how many more
covert lies?

In search of a different role, it begins to take it's toll.
Trying hard to come out a winner,
but the reality is man is just a sinner.

Nicholl McGuire author of When Mothers Cry, see blog here.  Listen to her recite poetry on this site.


Yesterday Prepared Me for Today

Battled with an enemy,

a common foe.

He was playing on the down low--

used women for a show.

It was a race to see who would win

He got the best of me justified his sin.

I was ready for the battle,

but he rounded up friends like cattle.

Tried to tell me that I was in the wrong,

sang some tired, weak song.

I had heard it all before,

past fights left me sore.

Said goodbye to yesterday’s defeat,

still standing though on two feet!

Didn’t worry anymore about lies,

cause I had my share of spies.

Played into a man’s weaknesses,

got comfortable, thought he won.

Little did he know,

I came back with the Holy One!

The victory is mine,

didn’t whine,

I had drew the line!

Put the foolishness to rest,

passed the devil’s test.

Tried to blindside me,

but used both eyes so I could see.

Trouble always around,

but you don’t have to go down.

Never stay on any ground.

Never stay on any ground.

Get up and fight your foe,

Understand strategy,

be in the know!

Nicholl McGuire


Lesson Learned

It was I, not he
not she, had to be me!

I wanted to go,
I had to show,
then I didn't know.

If I thought it was love,
I would have saw the Dove,
but I knew it was not,
this was my last shot.

A word of wisdom came to me,
an offer that I really couldn't see--
was more concerned about the future
of three,
now look at me?

Happy I was at least in the beginning,
but now I look forward to a happy ending.

Once again blind, but now I see,
those that are sick can't blame me,
for God has called me to be free!

The next trip will be one
and I will have fun,
won't look back...
won't worry about a money stack.

Good times cost money,
men charm with honey.
Then before long,
down a hole like a bunny.

Looking for what's here and there,
your heart is left in despair.
A body with more than general wear.

God calls us out of dark holes,
and saves our lives--our souls.

Another lesson learned,
life experience discerned
received that perfect love yearned!
Finally something I didn't have to earn!

Nicholl McGuire shares her personal insight with young women from a spiritual perspective when it comes to relationships, see link.


Use Me Lord

I don't allow religion
to close my eyes
to who I am
to where I've been
and where I'm going.

So I won't fit in,
even when some think
they know me.

And I won't attend,
even when I'm invited,
because unless I have a seat
at the master's table,
not interested in his crumbs.

There is something inside of me,
bigger than me,
stronger than man,
wiser than woman.

Tried to keep my mouth shut,
didn't want me speaking truth
couldn't do anything with me.

always moving me
telling me where to go
who to talk to
what to do.

When I awoke to the game,
I hit my handlers where they hurt,
and I progressed.
Truth wasn't pretty,
it didn't make them happy.

As for love, they couldn't feel me.

I ran away, came back,
ran away, came back,
ran away, came back,
a slave to the past.

Freedom, I cried.
Remove the chains that keep me bound.
There is a new me,
beyond what I see.

Nicholl McGuire

Messengers of the Lord - a poem by Nicholl McGuire


I would love to tell the perfect story
would love to always give God the glory.

But sometimes down moments
get in the way,
and sometimes, I too, forget to pray.

God gives his messengers a lot to say,
direct listeners to his one pathway.

Give the soul peace, emotions will cease.
Show men love, remind them of the dove.

Don't know when God will say, "You're done."
Darkness works to put an end to the Son.

But even when you are not right,
and even when there is no light,
still keep God in your sight!

There will be trouble, fallen rubble,
and grandmaster teachers
will pop like a bubble.

They claim to know,
but are used like foes,
they speak on talkshows,
but will die like a rose.

A slow, painful death to those,
with so many foes.
They use to sing God's praises,
but then they got money raises.
Had they been humble and said, "I'm not right."
Then maybe God would have called off the fight.
Heavy consequences to pay
for those with much to say,
that's why we should all pray.
Lessons to be learned,
shouldn't be about how much money earned.
Yet, keep going forward with bad deals,
and the world will see unholy men
at the bottom of hills.

Nicholl McGuire

Poetry Writing is a Gift - How to Write Poems

Some things don't easily come to others no matter how much they would like to do something.  Writing poetry is one of those things that can't be forced.  Like with any creative work, if it doesn't come naturally, if it isn't something that you appreciate, your words simply won't flow.  Readers will feel the absence of the gift.  I came across a page on Hub Pages that just might help those who truly are gifted in writing poetry to expound on their talent.  See here:


Nicholl McGuire on Ipadio

For poetry recited by the blogger and poet of this blog, feel free to go to her personal page at Ipadio to hear samples of her work. The link is:

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Creator of Nicholl McGuire

Posted by creator of  Spiritual commentaries and bible studies worth checking out.  See for poems.


In a Box

It was a big box.
My son brought me a gift
it took some time, I needed to sift
through the pain and the heartache,
found something good I could take.

He said it was for me with a big, bright smile.
His mind had been walking for at least a mile.
Missed his sorrowful, little mother,
found comfort from his big, happy brother.

So he created a masterpiece
in black and white,
wasn't meant to worry me or to fright.

For he wasn't angry or nervous about me,
He just wanted me to "See," to "See!"
He put a crooked smile on my black face.
He had drew me in an odd space.

With a black box and lines all around,
it looked as if the work made sound.

A black firetruck with he and I on it.
something to ponder standing, then I sit.
Still trying to study all of it.

My red heart had been opened with black,
evidently knowledge in his art, I did lack.

Arms held wide,
he gave me red flowers
glad I hadn't died.

Life can be a very dark, strange place,
it makes you think who cut in on your race?

Nicholl McGuire


Abused Woman

Can't you see it when she has a fit?
Do you really see her when she says, "Sir?"

In her eyes there lies the truth,
do you need to be a sleuth?

You see she is hurt on the inside,
that is why she told the story--she lied!

If you can't see what is really going on,
then maybe you can with her broken loin.

She didn't bump into a wall, nor did she
slip and fall.  She didn't have an accident
at the mall.  And, she didn't run into someone real tall.

He hit her there, around the eye,
the makeup didn't cover up the lie.

He pushed her there, then grabbed her arm,
said, "You know I care...don't you stare!"

He smacked her here, on her cheek,
it has been swollen for nearly a week.

Can't you see the tears in her eyes,
can't you see that mother's cries?

She is reaching out to you,
what can you say or what will you do?

Nicholl McGuire
Visit this blog if you can relate:


What Was

Back, back, back
spiritual lack
mind on a stack
churches and all that
not interested--they slack.

Thinking about what was,
Bible collecting dust fuzz.
Thought about Jesus
while riding the bus.

No blessings coming here,
made God tear.

Wouldn't listen to what He had to say,
wouldn't bother to pray.

Thought I knew much,
used people as a crutch.

Then died and died some more,
looking for God to restore,
a broken heart,
a need for a new start.

Sometimes we rise too fast,
rely on human love--it doesn't last.
Then we get trapped in the past.

What was doesn't have to be,
let God open your eyes, so that you can see.

Nicholl McGuire



Impacted by a screaming woman, angry man
he listens, watches, listens
he sees nothing wrong with the song,
"...kill, beat, choke, kick, lie, connive"
for one dollar or many

Lost man likes blood,
threatens to draw blood
for every dark force
that moves him.
So far from his Father.

He thinks he is okay, alright
violent heart, violent thoughts,
gaming is a thing of the past.
He looks to feed the lust of evil
one day, but maybe not today.

Hollywood worships demonic spirits--
chants, cries, murders, and lies.
They offer Satan blood, then more,
never satisfied, the violent god preys on the weak.

An offer the devil made, the violent man
never prayed not like he will
after his first kill
love will be replaced
then he will seek God's face.

Nicholl McGuire


Men, Women: What Do You Want in a Relationship?

For the Relationship

You want me,
I want you.
But what do we want?
We use to know.
Heard about So and So.
Thought we were better,
but we are them--down to the letter!

I don't know why I stay with you,
wonder what is our God's view--
need him to tell me what to do.

For you said you loved me,
and I know this is true,
but good times we have are few.

"Pray!" they say, visions of our wedding day.
"Fast!" they say, need to put behind the past.
Love like ours just has to last!

So I take a moment out of a busy day,
and I say, "Please God, help me today!"

Nicholl McGuire

See for tips on various relationship challenges.


Beatitudes Study


What God Has For Me, It Is For Me

Beautiful voice!  Be moved!  Watch out for your blessing--God is good!


Pain had me going insane.
I tossed back my mane.

What is going on and why?
I took a sigh.
"Lord, why?"

What do I gain
from going through pain?

Something good must be ahead--
as soon as I get out of this bed.

The devil was speaking,
his scent was reeking.

Told me I was going to die,
you know that was a lie!

So I made up my mind,
"Seek and I will find."

Put my hand on the holy book,
and it just shook and shook.

With tears in my eyes,
I kept fighting against personal lies.

"My, my, my, why, why?"
God gave me peace.
The pain had to cease.

From pills to chills, staring out at hills,
from prayers and good wishes, and stinking dishes,
it was time for change, had to keep God in range.

This was crazy stuff, I was feeling so bad,
looked rough, but you know God's people are tough.

Pain tempts you to go insane,
you might even walk with a cane,
but sooner or later, you will be back,
and spiritual gifts will come in a stack.

God will bless you like never before,
your heart can't stand what is in store.

So give God the glory,
and be prepared to tell your story.

Nicholl McGuire shares videos now on Godtube. 


For the Love of Jezebel

A couple a part of the same dirty cloth,
lies cover the corner of mouths, they froth.

"I will always love you!"
"I will do what you do."
Then one day she will turn around and sue you.

Claim to love like God from above.
But no Holy Spirit sign of a dove.
Love doesn't manipulate and shove!

Jezebel makes a man do what she wants,
enlists the help of her mother and aunts.
"She is nice--real sweet--like sugar and spice."
But they forgot to tell you their methods to entice.

You see Jezebel women seek Ahab men
then find a way to enslave them in their den.

She does everything she thinks she can
while ensnaring a wayward man.
Jezebel finds exotic places to keep up with her tan.

But when money runs low,
Jezebel will put on a show!

Tell you, "Your no good...who do you know?"
See, she holds the bag of money,
smiles between teeth that drip honey.
But sooner or later she will start acting funny!

"Pay this bill.  Avoid your cheap thrills!
And, oh, by the way, I forgot to take my pills!"

Jezebel leads Ahab by the nose
her scent smells just like a red rose.

"Why don't we go here?  Where are you going?
And where is your seed to help with the sowing?"

She drives men mad with her plotting and scheming--
scares them away with all her crying and screaming.

Oh yes, he got himself a sure winner,
one who will eat him up for dinner.

Because when the truth comes out,
he will fight and shout.

"I've been had...this woman is driving me mad!
What I do is never good enough,
being with her is more than tough!"
Ahab walks away in a huff.

Their get along act is getting old,
phony smiles like faux gold.

Jezebel keeps exaggerating stories,
while Ahab rehashes his old glories.

Anything for the wet lips of Jezebel who weakens the flesh.
Foolish men know nothing when a relationship is still new, still fresh.

Nicholl McGuire

Lukewarm Christians and Modern Day Churches

Watch Part 2 and 3 on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.  Thanks for listening!


How to Write a Poem

For those who haven't written a poem in years, enjoy!


Observations of Jesus' Ministry: The Gift of Healing

This is a message not a poem.


The Church Man: A 2003 Construct

He tells me he likes to go to the show,
goes to church when feeling real low.

Talking about the church man,
from the Bible he once abandoned and ran.

You see a man of the cloth,
but his thinking appears to be as old as the moth.
Flaky, annoying and strange to listen to.
He's not the type you would call, "Baby Boy or Boo."

Now I thought about a time or two
when he spoke about Jesus and us too.

At times, felt like he was my foe--
used me sometimes to put on a show.

But he turned out to be alright,
until he said, "What should we do tonight?"

Words are like a lamp with a bright light,
shines on everything within sight.

"What about tonight?" I said.
"Can I sleep with you in your bed?"

Still lost, I didn't refuse.
Opened the door to spiritual abuse.

So you see, you can say what you want,
but the enemy sets traps to flaunt.

Some get caught in a whole lot of trouble,
think it's okay to act like a rebel.

But I am here to tell you godly people are few,
you compromise my friend, you too will lose.

Nicholl McGuire


Where We Are, What's to Come

A wish to be great
a wish to have a steak
a wish to have a mate
a wish not to be late...

So many wishes, so little time
wasted moments--now that's a crime!

Don't bother to plan
unless pushed by a man!

Don't bother to do what's right
unless motivated by a plight!

Now we can keep talking,
but sooner or later,
you will be walking.

Cause you think, "I know..."
but your words are just for show.

God moves on us to make changes.
Believers yell at different ranges.

"Open your eyes, don't believe lies!"
"Pray, give God his glory, today!"
"Stay away from the bad, it will just make you sad!"

One cries for a useless, over-priced toy,
another one sighs because he wanted a boy.

So many look to God like he's a Genie,
they create a spiritual front by wearing a beanie.

Now I didn't want to be the one to break the news,
but too many facades and many will lose!

No Christian leaders at the head table,
just a relationship similar to Cain and Able.

No spiritual men hiding their sin,
just seductive women to sink their teeth in.

No movies about the things of God,
just another bad show about a guy named Todd.

No love for the churches or the people,
just broken crosses on a steeple.

The world is changing, there is no peace,
just warnings like, "You better cease!"

For man is tired of being loyal,
he no longer respects what is royal.

Nicholl McGuire recites poetry sometimes on her YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

Busy Bee: Time to Pause

With the beauty of spring and summer comes much landscaping.  Plant life maintained, flowers  watered, gardens tilled, lawns kept, and homes decorated. But with so much work, there is little time to admire the wonders of a great Creator.

Make the time to pause--stop and breathe this spring and summer. Life passes by so very quickly. Before long, you find yourself grieving over the death of someone or crying your eyes out from bodily pain while wishing you appreciated peaceful moments--quiet, a gentle breeze, birds singing, and the sun shining on your face.

Take a walk real soon, enjoy the fresh air and leave your troubles behind.  Remember that even if you don’t care much about yourself, others do!

To God be the glory!

Nicholl has authored Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street, a spiritual poetry book that combines the beauty of flowers and creative word to speak to souls who just need to be reminded of an Awesome Creator. Enjoy the book. Available as an ebook or in print.



When the Guilty Minister is Exposed

Fall from grace
so quick to lose a race.
Found another person to replace.

Now the existing one,
turned Jesus into fun.

God wasn't important any more
a heart was left sore.
Thought he had everything right
that is until that night.

He took it upon himself to hide under covers,
of course instigated by brothers--
who belonged to others.

He had been manipulated to believe a dream
it appeared spiritual, at first, so it seemed.
But men don't question, "Why?"
All-too-ready to live a lie!

Money, honey, and now it's all funny?
No God, no rod, and now no shod.

It is apparent to me, and all that I see,
that some circles are just not for me.

Not worth the risk to make decisions so brisk.
Not worth the time to participate in a crime.

Thoughts to bring down someone just because
on a quest for some to gain applause.

"Look the other way," is all they say
while others fight for their wedding day.

If you believe in God,
then you know man is flawed.

If you believe in God,
allow him to prod.

Behind every fool,
there is one that needs to be schooled.

Another who is prideful,
and ignores the Bible.

Then along the way comes one
with a lot to say, and that's when
we learn what happened that day.

Nicholl McGuire is the author Spiritual Poems by Nicholl and Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic


Nicholl's Song

The world is a cruel place
Only a few will win the race.

Won’t be skeptics, cynics, doubters or hypocrites
In heaven, in heaven!

Only a few will win the race
God’s people will win
In heaven, in heaven!

And the Holy Spirit!
Embracing us at heaven’s golden gates.

Won’t be skeptics, cynics, doubters or hypocrites
In heaven, in heaven!

The world is a cruel place
Only a few will win the race!
Only a few, only a few, only a few.

Nicholl McGuire


The Lady Bled, The Lady Fed

Look over there!
Don't stare!
I think that is something in her hair.
It seems like it's red,
an old scar has bled.

She fell down one day looking up at the sun.
She thought taking a walk would be so fun!

For she had planned to see old friends,
hadn't been delivered yet from lingering sins.

She had planned to drink all that night.
God wasn't in her heart or sight.

But then she had felt real, real light.
Tired legs had not been feeling right.
So down she went without a fight.

Years later, she would fall once more.
This time standing in front of a store.
Distracted by her first baby son,
no time to drink or have some fun.
It wasn't easy for this large lady,
but life hadn't always been so shady.
She once knew the Holy One,
that was before she saw the gun.
A man had held her family up,
and killed her barking little pup.
So where was God in all of that?
Ate and ate and then she grew fat.
Didn't like the church,
didn't like God's man
didn't even like the MLK fan!
How do you reach someone like this?
There was nothing about religion to miss.
Take a moment and think of those
who don't see
God like a living rose,
blessing you and me.

Writer/ Speaker Nicholl talking about her book and life storms

To obtain a copy of the book, Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic by Nicholl McGuire visit:



"Free the man of the demons that lurk in and around him!
Free, free, free!
Fire, fire, fire!
Bind Satan up!
Purge him out, Jesus!
The devil is amongst us!"

Torn apart, his mind, body and spirit are split up.
A three dimensional being with thousands of issues.
Where are the tissues?
Run here, run there, he has soiled underwear.
A past of broken hearts, he used his manhood like throwing darts.

Tap his mind for breakthrough!
Saints know what to do!
Tap his heart for love!
He looks up above.
Open up your gates of heaven and show him the way, Lord!
We know you don't hesitate, words cut like a sword.
Foam around a mouth that has lied for years.
He is trying to hide away all his lost tears.

Decades of religion have him bound,
he is quiet, there is no sound.
No relationship with the Most High.
He takes a deep sigh.
Pretending to know, but it's all for show.
What can a great God do for a heart used to abuse?

Look away from the dark movies, dark music, dark lies
that keep one in darkness willing to compromise!
Uplift one's soul with the words of song that praise the Holy One,
oh, let the man live long!

Give burdens to your Creator, let him lighten your load.
Now you are on the right path, the right road!

Oh, where is the deliverance ministry to take hold of you?
Touch you, pray with you and send you on your way with a different view!

Pews can't hold skeptical people very long.
Can the church nowadays be any more wrong?

Nice words can't keep people at peace
especially when life's upset won't cease!

Deliverance is needed!
The tools have been seeded.
Now do what you must,
in God you trust.

Demons He will release.
So you too will be at peace!

No time restraints.
No complaints.
Give God the glory,
so that you can tell your story.

Fall down in the name of Jesus, be free!
Then tell others about the signs you see.

Nicholl McGuire


Don’t You Worry

Don’t you worry about a thing,

God sets situations up for man to change.

Oh, don’t you worry about a thing,

God sets situations up for woman to change.

Arguments don’t just arise,

oh there has been truth compromised.

Men say that what they do is right,

doing evil in God’s sight.

Got excuses for everything,

wrote songs that their devils sing.

Saying that they do believe,

but the truth is they aren’t free.

Women cry about what someone said

while lying down in a cold bed.

Want someone to hold them,

but spend years scolding them.

Could have had a wedding ring,

but confusion is all the devil brings.

Holding the evil one's hand

while a soul sinks in quicksand.

Tell you any lie,

before the mean-spirited die.

Serving the one-eyed enemy,

while drinking his spiked tea.

A little money to get some honey,

watching movies to feel sunny.

God sets situations up for man to change,

His thoughts out of a human mind’s range.

So the next time you wonder what they do,

remember God’s point of view.

by Nicholl McGuire


Appreciate Quiet Moments

Love peace
all noise cease.

Quiet is a gift.
A moment to uplift,
weary soul,
angry mind.
Seek and find.

God opens his hand.
The Maker of this land.

Holds me close.
Loves me most.

I'm lost without him--
a world so grim.

So I take a moment to pray.
Write down all what I need to say.

Give God the glory,
He completes your story.

Nicholl McGuire

New Audio Spiritual Messages by Nicholl

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