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"Free the man of the demons that lurk in and around him!
Free, free, free!
Fire, fire, fire!
Bind Satan up!
Purge him out, Jesus!
The devil is amongst us!"

Torn apart, his mind, body and spirit are split up.
A three dimensional being with thousands of issues.
Where are the tissues?
Run here, run there, he has soiled underwear.
A past of broken hearts, he used his manhood like throwing darts.

Tap his mind for breakthrough!
Saints know what to do!
Tap his heart for love!
He looks up above.
Open up your gates of heaven and show him the way, Lord!
We know you don't hesitate, words cut like a sword.
Foam around a mouth that has lied for years.
He is trying to hide away all his lost tears.

Decades of religion have him bound,
he is quiet, there is no sound.
No relationship with the Most High.
He takes a deep sigh.
Pretending to know, but it's all for show.
What can a great God do for a heart used to abuse?

Look away from the dark movies, dark music, dark lies
that keep one in darkness willing to compromise!
Uplift one's soul with the words of song that praise the Holy One,
oh, let the man live long!

Give burdens to your Creator, let him lighten your load.
Now you are on the right path, the right road!

Oh, where is the deliverance ministry to take hold of you?
Touch you, pray with you and send you on your way with a different view!

Pews can't hold skeptical people very long.
Can the church nowadays be any more wrong?

Nice words can't keep people at peace
especially when life's upset won't cease!

Deliverance is needed!
The tools have been seeded.
Now do what you must,
in God you trust.

Demons He will release.
So you too will be at peace!

No time restraints.
No complaints.
Give God the glory,
so that you can tell your story.

Fall down in the name of Jesus, be free!
Then tell others about the signs you see.

Nicholl McGuire

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