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Use Me Lord

I don't allow religion
to close my eyes
to who I am
to where I've been
and where I'm going.

So I won't fit in,
even when some think
they know me.

And I won't attend,
even when I'm invited,
because unless I have a seat
at the master's table,
not interested in his crumbs.

There is something inside of me,
bigger than me,
stronger than man,
wiser than woman.

Tried to keep my mouth shut,
didn't want me speaking truth
couldn't do anything with me.

always moving me
telling me where to go
who to talk to
what to do.

When I awoke to the game,
I hit my handlers where they hurt,
and I progressed.
Truth wasn't pretty,
it didn't make them happy.

As for love, they couldn't feel me.

I ran away, came back,
ran away, came back,
ran away, came back,
a slave to the past.

Freedom, I cried.
Remove the chains that keep me bound.
There is a new me,
beyond what I see.

Nicholl McGuire

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