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For the Love of Jezebel

A couple a part of the same dirty cloth,
lies cover the corner of mouths, they froth.

"I will always love you!"
"I will do what you do."
Then one day she will turn around and sue you.

Claim to love like God from above.
But no Holy Spirit sign of a dove.
Love doesn't manipulate and shove!

Jezebel makes a man do what she wants,
enlists the help of her mother and aunts.
"She is nice--real sweet--like sugar and spice."
But they forgot to tell you their methods to entice.

You see Jezebel women seek Ahab men
then find a way to enslave them in their den.

She does everything she thinks she can
while ensnaring a wayward man.
Jezebel finds exotic places to keep up with her tan.

But when money runs low,
Jezebel will put on a show!

Tell you, "Your no good...who do you know?"
See, she holds the bag of money,
smiles between teeth that drip honey.
But sooner or later she will start acting funny!

"Pay this bill.  Avoid your cheap thrills!
And, oh, by the way, I forgot to take my pills!"

Jezebel leads Ahab by the nose
her scent smells just like a red rose.

"Why don't we go here?  Where are you going?
And where is your seed to help with the sowing?"

She drives men mad with her plotting and scheming--
scares them away with all her crying and screaming.

Oh yes, he got himself a sure winner,
one who will eat him up for dinner.

Because when the truth comes out,
he will fight and shout.

"I've been had...this woman is driving me mad!
What I do is never good enough,
being with her is more than tough!"
Ahab walks away in a huff.

Their get along act is getting old,
phony smiles like faux gold.

Jezebel keeps exaggerating stories,
while Ahab rehashes his old glories.

Anything for the wet lips of Jezebel who weakens the flesh.
Foolish men know nothing when a relationship is still new, still fresh.

Nicholl McGuire

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