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Spiritually Lost

Some just don't know
that God isn't for show--
like to talk about what they don't know.

They are upset and confused,
misused and abused.

Believing in lies,
while the spirit within dies.

Void of understanding,
often they cause a misunderstanding.
They then ask, "Why?"
while loved ones just cry.

The more you pray, the more they say,
"I'm okay..." but wasn't it just the other day,
they had many hurtful words to say?

They don't believe they need Jesus,
that's why they put up a fuss,
while dark spirits they entrust.

To be lost is to be alone,
the spirit man will groan.

You forget what you have been shown.
You live life on a loan.

You worry about many things,
your spirit no longer sings.

Too lazy to help another,
you disown a brother.

You manipulate and lie to get ahead,
you attempt to get peace from a bed.

People distance themselves from you.
You wonder, "What did I do?"

Those who act like they care,
expect you to pay their fare.

A ride of life everyone takes,
but they wonder, "How much you make?"

When you are all used up with nothing to give,
that's when you ask, "Why do I live?"

Nicholl McGuire


Let God in the Church

not religious
won't join
won't sign
refuse to tow yet another man's line.

Brought up issue after issue,
no excuses.
Realize His power,
causes grown men
to cower.

Forget what the people say,
Remember what God say.
Pressure from others,
who claim to be "Mothers"
They will control your life
when weak to strife.

Go here, go there,
some walk around
and stare.

Another new face
walked into their place,
they assume ignorance,
predict disgrace.

Clean dirty floors,
open church doors.
Read from the Holy Book,
give credit for what you took.

Saw a preacher man scream
and shout, the same man
seeking clout.

Saw a woman shake then
fall, got up and stood real tall.

Saw a child cry while wishing to leave,
parents in trouble--they grieve.

When the Holy Ghost is brought in,
people will walk away from sin.

People give to get,
refuse to forget,
let God, God let,
tell the people
who you met.

Nicholl McGuire

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