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Lust Spirits

Hold my hand dear God.
Lead me out of this misery,
I should have been more leery.

The devil wanted to settle a score,
so he used a willing man--a whore.
Played a game of so-called love,
but he didn't know I was protected by a dove.

When Satan's plan didn't work,
he moved a dark spirit to lurk.
Another man with a new plan,
who offered strong drink from a can

What did it take to make
my spiritual foundation quake?
A desire to be loved, a need for peace,
determined for drama to cease
hoped to find him before signing a lease.

So the devil sent another man,
one who came as light, but
with a stubborn will
always looking for a fight.

When Evil thought he had struck gold,
it was his story that I told.
Exposed for all the world to see!
I was once bound, but now I'm FREE!

What was with Lucifer's temptations?
Concerned, I started reading
the book of Revelation.
For his end is coming soon,
he is playing one last tune.

Knew that God was testing me,
he just wanted my eyes on He.

Nicholl McGuire



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