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He Doesn't Know His Role

Walking around without a care,
does nothing more than stare.

Came to me one day with much to say,
I just couldn't pray.

You see, people sometimes are up to no good,
so they run to another 'hood.
Hoping things will get better,
while avoiding God's love letter.

God uses people around us to expose lies,
and tell of those who like to compromise.

An enemy yesterday, a friend today,
now he wants to talk, to pray.

When feeling down low,
some will play up the show.

"Woe is me, look at me,
can't you see, what happened to me?"

But what were the events that led up
to the Spirit's man's cries, and how many more
covert lies?

In search of a different role, it begins to take it's toll.
Trying hard to come out a winner,
but the reality is man is just a sinner.

Nicholl McGuire author of When Mothers Cry, see blog here.  Listen to her recite poetry on this site.

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