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The Church Man: A 2003 Construct

He tells me he likes to go to the show,
goes to church when feeling real low.

Talking about the church man,
from the Bible he once abandoned and ran.

You see a man of the cloth,
but his thinking appears to be as old as the moth.
Flaky, annoying and strange to listen to.
He's not the type you would call, "Baby Boy or Boo."

Now I thought about a time or two
when he spoke about Jesus and us too.

At times, felt like he was my foe--
used me sometimes to put on a show.

But he turned out to be alright,
until he said, "What should we do tonight?"

Words are like a lamp with a bright light,
shines on everything within sight.

"What about tonight?" I said.
"Can I sleep with you in your bed?"

Still lost, I didn't refuse.
Opened the door to spiritual abuse.

So you see, you can say what you want,
but the enemy sets traps to flaunt.

Some get caught in a whole lot of trouble,
think it's okay to act like a rebel.

But I am here to tell you godly people are few,
you compromise my friend, you too will lose.

Nicholl McGuire

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