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Money Worries

A dawning of a new day, so I pray.
Can't let them get to me, not today.
It will soon be the first of May.
Watching, waiting to walk on my flowers,
after months of rain showers.

What more did they want?  Their words taunt.
God isn't leading me, moving me, or wanting me
to connect with she or he...He knows I can't pay their fees.

A new face looks back at me in the mirror.
No worries, no fear.  Wipe away another tear.
Too much too soon...
thoughts I had as I stared at the moon.

Let too many people in...all I wanted to do was win.
They wanted to sin.

There is indeed a life beyond this one I recall...enjoy the fun,
but remember his Holy Son.
Sooner or later there will be no sun.

Eyes closed behind a bedroom door.
A body tired and sore, lying on a back--don't want to live anymore.

The government helps themselves, look for a legal crack
takes yet another citizen's money sack.

To the grave one goes, so stressed.
Heart under duress--
prematurely left.

If I were you and you were me,
you would clearly see,
there is more to life than bill collectors and fees.

Nicholl McGuire


Held Back

Stopped in my tracks.
I didn't have the facts.

Held my peace--
wanted arguing to cease.

Could have, would have,
but I didn't.

Pain makes you go crazy,
could have left way back when,
but got lazy.

My tongue froze in my mouth.
My lips stopped moving--
head facing south.

Throat dry.
Started to cry.
Couldn't stand here and listen
to yet another lie.

There was no more talking,
just walking.

Answer to prayers--
done with the glares.

God had something to do with it,
no more fits.

God had something to do with it,
my candle now lit.

Nicholl McGuire

No More Grieving

You didn't see it coming.
It was Pain.
A blow to a stomach.
A crush on a head,
You didn't see it coming.

Where was God?

From the left,
Death shows up--hoping to finish the job.
Dark, deadly...
leaving you feeling downcast.

"God, do you see this?"

Bad news.
A voice on the other end,
you drop the phone.
A dial tone.

"I can't take much more!"

Here comes, Peace.
You are not defeated.
Energy to fight
with all your might!

God is in sight,
you prayed last night.
Storm clouds leaving.
There is no more

Nicholl McGuire

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