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When the Guilty Minister is Exposed

Fall from grace
so quick to lose a race.
Found another person to replace.

Now the existing one,
turned Jesus into fun.

God wasn't important any more
a heart was left sore.
Thought he had everything right
that is until that night.

He took it upon himself to hide under covers,
of course instigated by brothers--
who belonged to others.

He had been manipulated to believe a dream
it appeared spiritual, at first, so it seemed.
But men don't question, "Why?"
All-too-ready to live a lie!

Money, honey, and now it's all funny?
No God, no rod, and now no shod.

It is apparent to me, and all that I see,
that some circles are just not for me.

Not worth the risk to make decisions so brisk.
Not worth the time to participate in a crime.

Thoughts to bring down someone just because
on a quest for some to gain applause.

"Look the other way," is all they say
while others fight for their wedding day.

If you believe in God,
then you know man is flawed.

If you believe in God,
allow him to prod.

Behind every fool,
there is one that needs to be schooled.

Another who is prideful,
and ignores the Bible.

Then along the way comes one
with a lot to say, and that's when
we learn what happened that day.

Nicholl McGuire is the author Spiritual Poems by Nicholl and Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic

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