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Unequally Yoked

This writing is for those of you who are tired of your mate lagging along in his or her spiritual walk or not walking at all.

If you were a believer before you were married, then you were most likely warned that choosing an unequally yoked partner will add additional problems to your relationship. If you decided to give your life to Christ while being involved with your current mate, then you may not have expected all the trouble you find yourself in with him or her because of your new found love of Christ.

Whatever your situation is you know God has an answer. If you are trying to invite your mate to church activities, God is telling you right now to stop! If you are trying to get your mate to pray with you, God is telling you right now to stop! If you are hoping and praying for your mate so hard that you are literally obsessing about his or her soul, stop! You won't change him or her by your actions alone.

You know what the scriptures say about being a living example, so you are going to have to put your best foot forward now that you have a relationship with God even if it means acting alone. You know what eventually happens to people who feel left out of groups, they begin to take interest. This may happen rather quickly with your mate, but others will be disheartened to find that maybe long after the relationship ends, he or she will find God. Yes, the relationship is going to eventually come to an end for some of you both in marriage and otherwise.

You see, anyone who God calls for you to be with they will be there and anyone God hasn't called you to be with, God will remove. Your mate must be filled with the Holy Spirit, he or she will have to accept Jesus as the Son of God and have an intimate relationship with Him just as you have with Him in order for the relationship to be a good one.

Now some of you will say, "Well isn't the unsaved sanctified through me?" Yes. But your faith doesn't keep he or she from going to hell. Just like you had to come to Christ, he or she will have to come too. Your relationship with God is what is keeping your mate from trouble. You are acting as an intercessor, speaking on his or her behalf, but when God decides to take his hand off of your relationship, you have to step away and allow him to do his work.

Having a relationship with an unbeliever isn't easy and many wise counselors will object to it. Their advice is in your best interest, consider taking it.

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Living Success Network said...

The bible is very clear about fellowshipping with someone who is unequally yoked. (2 Corinthians 6:14) While this scripture does not specifically elude to be only speaking about married people, it certainly can and should be applied to marriage.

The problem that I found is many Christians have either no understanding of the true meaning of “equally yoked” or either only a have a vague understanding at best.

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