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Higher Calling

A calling on my life
what more do I have to give
how much more strife?

What does it take to be the best,
to pass tests
or even earn a place to rest?

Higher calling, do you have one
or do you prefer to just have fun?
A race we start young to run,
get old and complain, "I'm done."
Burdens start weighing a ton.
But we can't give up now,
we can't call foul!

God calling people to work,
lazy folks just lurk...
watching others do what they are told...
even when they are very old.
Talk too much about what they won't do,
while hoping to get blessed off a few.

This road with God isn't easy,
but money hoarders make it sleazy.
People want to know more,
seeking a church open door,
hope Jesus is on the other side,
take off their pride.

But when fools are the gatekeepers,
when they act like creepers
killing people spiritually,
saying God has no power...
yet Satan is on his last hour.

We can't help but to grab our sisters
and brothers from wayward fathers and mothers
and tell them just how loved they are,
whether near or far!

God loves you so much that he gave up his righteous Son,
brought him back to life and showed you the truth
will give you eternal life!

Nicholl McGuire

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