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The Lady Bled, The Lady Fed

Look over there!
Don't stare!
I think that is something in her hair.
It seems like it's red,
an old scar has bled.

She fell down one day looking up at the sun.
She thought taking a walk would be so fun!

For she had planned to see old friends,
hadn't been delivered yet from lingering sins.

She had planned to drink all that night.
God wasn't in her heart or sight.

But then she had felt real, real light.
Tired legs had not been feeling right.
So down she went without a fight.

Years later, she would fall once more.
This time standing in front of a store.
Distracted by her first baby son,
no time to drink or have some fun.
It wasn't easy for this large lady,
but life hadn't always been so shady.
She once knew the Holy One,
that was before she saw the gun.
A man had held her family up,
and killed her barking little pup.
So where was God in all of that?
Ate and ate and then she grew fat.
Didn't like the church,
didn't like God's man
didn't even like the MLK fan!
How do you reach someone like this?
There was nothing about religion to miss.
Take a moment and think of those
who don't see
God like a living rose,
blessing you and me.

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