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Men, Women: What Do You Want in a Relationship?

For the Relationship

You want me,
I want you.
But what do we want?
We use to know.
Heard about So and So.
Thought we were better,
but we are them--down to the letter!

I don't know why I stay with you,
wonder what is our God's view--
need him to tell me what to do.

For you said you loved me,
and I know this is true,
but good times we have are few.

"Pray!" they say, visions of our wedding day.
"Fast!" they say, need to put behind the past.
Love like ours just has to last!

So I take a moment out of a busy day,
and I say, "Please God, help me today!"

Nicholl McGuire

See for tips on various relationship challenges.

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