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True Believers: You are a Work in Progress

"You are a work in progress." Remember these words when someone accuses you of not acting like Jesus.

This was the thought that came to mind after I read many negative, hurtful, insulting and downright threatening comments made by both unbelievers and so-called believers who don't like some of my articles, because they tend to be convicting.  I don't sugarcoat the truth about homosexuality, trans-gender, or bi-sexuality, but I don't condemn them to hell when they can read God's word just like I do.

I don't like how cowardly some Christians are these days.  They talk about how one shouldn't judge, but I get judged because I speak the truth.  I will not keep issues in the closet for purposes of not offending.  Some pretenders want to dance on both sides of the fence.  If God convicts me on some things and I have came to a place where I can speak on them, meaning that I have overcome in some areas of my life, then I will provide information to help the next person.

I have dated ungodly people, I have participated in actions that were demeaning to me and embarrassing to my family. I have done many things that now I am ashamed, but back then it was "accepting, free-spirited, great, wonderful, open-minded, Nicky" she had plenty of so-called friends and back then when I mention God here and there in passing it was okay.  But what I didn't know was that all of that "being free, open minded" business put me on the fast track to hell!

Oh we partied. We gossiped.  We lied.  We danced. We drank.  We had a good time, but eventually it all catches up with you!  I recall looking in the mirror at my aging face and not liking what I saw.  I remember nights of hurting all over from fighting a man.  I remember headaches that took all day to go away. 

So when I read or listen to a so-called, hypocrite (a pretender) tell me what I should and shouldn't say as a child of God to help my sisters and bothers see the light, I realize just how lost and confused they really are.  I realize they surround themselves amongst people who tell them, "Accept all!  Accept everything!  Jesus would have done it!"  I don't think they know Jesus and I think they are skipping parts of the scriptures and picking out only the things that make them feel good, but don't convict them.

I have attended churches where they tell me on one hand this is a sin, but then on the other hand they encourage sin.  For example, how can you tell a heterosexual don't live with their child's mother or father unmarried, yet have a homosexual take a church staff position?  How can you tell me not to write an article that warns women about the down-low, bi-sexual male, but encourage me to write things like tips on bargain shopping?  Is that going to save your brother or sister in Christ who is headed for a hellish life? 

Pretend Christians are always being called out by those caught between a relationship with God and a relationship with the devil.  They stutter and stammer looking for the "right word to say."  They confuse you with scripture after scripture.  They lie, cover up, act like your friend and do whatever else as long as money is involved.  The minute money is not involved, they lie again, judge, distance themselves from you, etc. and do whatever else to get you to give again.

I am with God when it comes to lukewarm Christians, that's another group who like to run their mouths, they are hot today for the Lord, cold the next, and then they try to tell you what you should do with your life always during a time when you are not open to hearing anything they have to say since they don't believe their own rhetoric.

The true believers, the ones who have touched my heart, are those that don't preach, teach, but just be!  They exemplify love -- not the soft, cushy, fearful so-called love that some talk about where they accept everything and everybody that's the secular world I came from, I know that one already!  I mean the kind of love that you see a mother give her child when he or she almost falls out the chair.  She runs to him or her and says, "Are you okay? Be careful next time." 

I would like to believe that as I mature in my writing capabilities that God's love will show, but for now I can only present material in the way that I know for I am a work in progress!

For you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God. - Colossians 3:3 (New Living Translation)

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