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Death So Close Yet So Far Off

I got a feeling
I'm going to need healing.

Felt odd yesterday
and feeling worse today!

I got a feeling
I'm going to need healing.

Didn't know there was some place to go,
don't know if I'm making it to the show.

I got a feeling
I'm going to need healing.

Praying that the body won't show out!
Praying that my mouth won't shout!

No pain,
nothing to gain.

Need a healing,
got that feeling.

Raise my hands high,
don't believe it's time to die.

Got to get things done,
before I see the Holy Son.

Just asking for that healing,
need to put away that feeling!

When the people pray,
oh let the angels say,
"May our God be with you,
one of his few."

Oh, I got that feeling.
Feel the spirit go up,
pass the ceiling.

Nicholl McGuire


On Soul Watch

Muddled mind,
confused feelings
no golden staircase,
leading to heavenly ceilings.

Angels on soul watch,
awaiting life change--
another world to rearrange.

Hope that a mighty God,
will bring the peace,
make all personal chaos

Heal the people's pain,
they are going insane!

But He doesn't.

Wrapped in issues,
noses buried in tissues.

Love lost, job loss,
rejection, anger, sadness,
bring on madness.

The offended, defends
suffocates their sins.

Comments that go on,
they never seem to end.

"Why bother teaching lost hearts,
so many had bad starts?  Why
does one care so much?"
In answer, "Accepted a godly touch."

The clock ticks, days are long,
work hard to avoid wrong.

Nights seem slow,
but they help one
to spiritually grow.

Need to find contentment,
need to put away resentment.
Reminder: a Holy Ghost was sent.

Nicholl McGuire

Note:  If you haven't asked Jesus' gift of the Holy Ghost to come work in and through you, you just might want to.  Live today as if you will die tomorrow.


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Nicholl McGuire
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Who Do You Really Love?

Question your love.
Who do you think of?

Starting a new day,
did you take time to pray?
Was there something you forgot to say?

So much on a mind,
love can be so blind.
Problems enter in,
move on men to sin.

Wasn't it just the other day,
after a lay, that you wished for a wedding day?

Time flies by when you are having fun,
but commitment makes you want to run.

Love who?
Not you.
So many, so few,
called and don't want to do.

"I love you" they say,
hoping for an answer
while they pray.

But God isn't in this or that,
not today, too many people
living beyond fat.

Seeking a bride,
white as snow,
not one hiding, on the down low.

Refusing to commit,
won't carry a permit.
Telling people stories,
lost in sinful glories.

Celebrities act like they love,
act as if a relationship should
fit like a glove.

God knows better,
but people don't bother to
read his love letter.

Worldly holidays,
always forget to pray,
another life lost
on Valentine's Day.

Nicholl McGuire


Missed Out

they told him what to do.
yet he would still be untrue.

God had taken him by the hand,
showed him what he could have given him,
a prosperous land.

But the man couldn't hold his head up,
all he could do was look at the empty cup.
For he remembered what he had done,
and how he ignored God's Holy Son.

When things were good, he bragged about self,
while he made a wish and rubbed the head of an elf.
Thought he had everything figured out,
went to church and gave a shout.

But old him had showed up at home,
the name "Pride" was written on his dome.

Opted out of praying, preferred to stick
to old sayings. 

Didn't want to get too close
to the seers, despite having so many fears.

Wasted much money, days weren't sunny.
Tried to get laughs from shows that weren't funny.

No matter how much he lied, his Spirit just cried,
what little joy left within had been gobbled up by sin.

He missed out on blessings from everywhere,
distracted by nude women with long, blonde hair.

Thought he could do things his own way,
thought he had plenty of time to pray.

But there was a hell waiting for the Mister,
it had already claimed his fellow Sister.
Assumed that one was okay with the Lord,
but he had forgot about God's deadly sword.

A Holy Father's truth cuts, whips your butt,
and the next thing you know you're sitting
in a rut--trying to crawl free, people around see,
but all they say is, "So glad that's not me."

Nicholl McGuire


God Loves You

Even if you don't believe it,
don't care,
God loves

Nicholl McGuire 

Read this poem: When God Speaks


Up and Away

"Up and away,
today I lay
and wish for a brand new day.

So tired of being sick,
shriveling down to a stick.

Struggling with being ill,
my cry, a shrill.

Asked the Lord for immediate healing,
wonder what his hand is dealing.

Answers to prayer seem a bit slow,
wonder if they all know."

Her illness a secret,
doctors she met.
But there was no cure,
her date had been set.

She was dying with each passing day.
Those that knew, didn't know what to pray.

They had no favor with her Lord,
he had cut them with his sword.

They were in the wilderness, with nothing to eat,
didn't want to confess sin, fall down at God's feet.

Didn't believe their lives were all messed up,
didn't believe God's wrath was in a cup...
pouring down on all,
prideful witnesses to her fall.

It was time to do right,
experience the light,
and know that God was still in sight.

Up and away,
and so she would pray,
hoping God would take her today.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate and other books.


Sexual Sin

Fear God!
The Creator of Heaven and Hell.
I was once the woman at the well.

Thought I had plenty of time,
to share my life in a rhyme.
But I was reminded of God's watch,
it was time to stop pleasing the crotch.

Toward the altar I had went,
the message had been sent.
God's people get away with nothing,
even when they try bluffing!

He meets with you behind closed doors,
exposes sins like wicked whores.
He said, "This is what you need to do,
I am the one you should pursue. 
Experience the kind of life worth living
and be more forgiving."

You think you have everything figured out.
Think blessings come after a shout.
But the one true God shows you there is more
while you pick your body up off a floor.

People convince you that you are alright,
even though they see your plight.
Some don't bother to tell you what's wrong,
prefer to send you messages in a song.

So you live a Me world that isn't black and white,
you either fight, hop a flight, or take advantage
of everything in sight.

Still in sin, while winning a friend.
Hope God's steadfast rules will bend.
Up today, down tomorrow, a twisted mind
full of sorrow.

Good insight doesn't stick around long,
especially when you know you're not strong.

So give it up, do what's right,
put God in view, get insight.

Nicholl McGuire

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