Set Free

Without God I don't know what I would do!
Life for me had been like an old shoe--
worn out, dirty, ugly, pew!

I had fought until I sought,
then began to receive a new thought--
one after the other after the other.
I encouraged a new brother.

Life was different now,
I didn't need to milk the cow.
Blessings come to me,
because I'm set free!

Can't complain about what use to be--
was no good for Old Me,
New Me can clearly see!

Thought I had everything figured out,
but what I needed God gave me a shout!

Praise comes from once dry lips
that use to take many sips.
These days walk a straight line,
the body now feels fine!

So in love with the New Me,
forgot about the Old She--
angry, bitter, and lost,
now a warm heart melts the frost.

God is able,
keeps food on my table!

God is so sweet,
better than the best cut meat!

God is my one true friend,
who determines my end.

Nicholl McGuire


Reconciled to God - Now How About You?

Left, came back, left...
had enough of cheating--
went to a meeting,

There He was watching,
welcoming me back.
I came with spiritual lack,
yet I made a comeback!

Praise to God, my Lord
with the sword!
He didn't hurt,
nor did he abuse,
he took away
what Satan misused.

He guided me by the hand,
reintroduced me to His Holy land.
No more running away
from sorrow,
no more hating tomorrow.

So happy to be with those
who love with those appointed--
the Cross above.

So free to be me
without a guilt trip
and no desire to
take an alcohol sip!

So happy to be with the Everlasting One,
to know and love His only Son,
and be used by their Holy One.

A reconciliation of peace and love
the kind that only comes from above.
Moving along in my life,
able to deal with the strife.
The Lord is there,
our burdens he bears.

It's time to walk past the stares,
and embrace the God who cares.

Nicholl McGuire



What Could I Do?

What could I do
when they threatened to sue?

What could I do
when there was more than a few?

What could I do
when I missed my cue?

Tell me, can you?

There is a God who sees it all,
He was the one who was with
me during my fall.

He was the one who put me to test,
He was the one who showed me His best.

When I thought I was all alone,
when no one picked up the phone.
God didn't give me a dial tone.

I had nothing to say,
all I could do was kneel down and pray.

Nicholl McGuire shares words of wisdom on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.


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One Last Chance

It was my dying day, 
had one more chance to pray.
Said goodbye to the family, tired of the agony.

It was now my time to talk with my Maker.
He had sent the death angel--the Soul Taker.

I was tired of what had become of my life.
Bad news cut frequently like a knife.

Chest pain, head insane, money strain.
Had fought for so long against much wrong.

Walked with a strut, kicked butt.
but then one day I was in a rut.

Couldn't break the cycle that I had called, "Passion."
Engulfed in what I would call, "My Fashion."

Like a designer, I had created a new me.
Wore personalities that the world could see.

Didn't know half the time who was I?
Didn't know sometimes why I would sigh.

Had everything that most prayed for,
but then living my life had become a bore.

Found myself looking up at the ceiling,
this time there was no healing.

Heard the voice who said, "Go back."
I didn't want to go to a life of spiritual lack.

Cried all the way down that gold escalator,
welcomed back to a breathing respirator.

I had one last chance, I took a glance.
Saw faces awaiting for me to moan,
but my voice had lost its tone.

Pleaded with my Maker to take me back.
That's when the screen flat-lined, went black.

Nicholl McGuire



Stop and Pray

I was tired, didn't want to start my day.
So I got up, but I didn't pray.
I don't know why--I didn't know what to say?

And then things happened, crazy stuff,
I guess I had, had enough!

Glass broken all around me,
tiny fragments as far as the eye could see!
"That was me, that was me!" I thought.
For years, a merciful God I had sought.

Tears on a floor and a body left sore,
don't recall what was it I had been fighting for?
An issue without a cause,
didn't take the time to pause.

Now the world knows what is wrong,
and my story is far too long.
They don't care, observers just stare.

How did I come so far to turn back,
how did I lose it--blow my stack?
What spiritual gift did I lack?

It can happen to us all,
one day stand tall
then like Humpty take a great fall.

It can happen late at night or in the middle of the day
that is why it is best you stop and pray!

Nicholl McGuire

NOTE: This poem was inspired by a woman who recently had a nervous breakdown.  Please pray for all those people who are suffering right now as a result of past trauma that has fragmented their minds, thank you.


Spiritually Lost

Some just don't know
that God isn't for show--
like to talk about what they don't know.

They are upset and confused,
misused and abused.

Believing in lies,
while the spirit within dies.

Void of understanding,
often they cause a misunderstanding.
They then ask, "Why?"
while loved ones just cry.

The more you pray, the more they say,
"I'm okay..." but wasn't it just the other day,
they had many hurtful words to say?

They don't believe they need Jesus,
that's why they put up a fuss,
while dark spirits they entrust.

To be lost is to be alone,
the spirit man will groan.

You forget what you have been shown.
You live life on a loan.

You worry about many things,
your spirit no longer sings.

Too lazy to help another,
you disown a brother.

You manipulate and lie to get ahead,
you attempt to get peace from a bed.

People distance themselves from you.
You wonder, "What did I do?"

Those who act like they care,
expect you to pay their fare.

A ride of life everyone takes,
but they wonder, "How much you make?"

When you are all used up with nothing to give,
that's when you ask, "Why do I live?"

Nicholl McGuire


Let God in the Church

not religious
won't join
won't sign
refuse to tow yet another man's line.

Brought up issue after issue,
no excuses.
Realize His power,
causes grown men
to cower.

Forget what the people say,
Remember what God say.
Pressure from others,
who claim to be "Mothers"
They will control your life
when weak to strife.

Go here, go there,
some walk around
and stare.

Another new face
walked into their place,
they assume ignorance,
predict disgrace.

Clean dirty floors,
open church doors.
Read from the Holy Book,
give credit for what you took.

Saw a preacher man scream
and shout, the same man
seeking clout.

Saw a woman shake then
fall, got up and stood real tall.

Saw a child cry while wishing to leave,
parents in trouble--they grieve.

When the Holy Ghost is brought in,
people will walk away from sin.

People give to get,
refuse to forget,
let God, God let,
tell the people
who you met.

Nicholl McGuire

Lust Spirits

Hold my hand dear God.
Lead me out of this misery,
I should have been more leery.

The devil wanted to settle a score,
so he used a willing man--a whore.
Played a game of so-called love,
but he didn't know I was protected by a dove.

When Satan's plan didn't work,
he moved a dark spirit to lurk.
Another man with a new plan,
who offered strong drink from a can

What did it take to make
my spiritual foundation quake?
A desire to be loved, a need for peace,
determined for drama to cease
hoped to find him before signing a lease.

So the devil sent another man,
one who came as light, but
with a stubborn will
always looking for a fight.

When Evil thought he had struck gold,
it was his story that I told.
Exposed for all the world to see!
I was once bound, but now I'm FREE!

What was with Lucifer's temptations?
Concerned, I started reading
the book of Revelation.
For his end is coming soon,
he is playing one last tune.

Knew that God was testing me,
he just wanted my eyes on He.

Nicholl McGuire



Skin Color Manipulation

So the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker
wanted me to share my views about a skin color
that I didn't choose, didn't refuse, and didn't lie to.

Wanted me to hate the other man for a business he ran,
employed people from a background like me,
closed their eyes so they couldn't see.

But why should I hate, what God permits on our plate?
I held up a mirror, showed them the errors of their ways,
while they walked around in that "get high" daze.

If I had told them what I felt inside, they would
have accused me of having some other kind of pride.
I wasn't going to be like the others who lied.
God knows, I tried.

Manipulate others to get what one wants,
create agendas to taunt, to taunt
design propaganda to haunt, to haunt.

That's what the players do.

Ignorance states what they cannot see,
the deaf, dumb and blind,
don't realize they are called to be free,
but brought back to "Once upon a tree..."

You see, I am in love with a God you can't see,
and he is the one that encourages me to be me.

Not interested in what others have to say,
for they won't be with me on my wedding day.
So I pray, I pray and I knew something would happen
before the month of May.

I expose fools breaking the rules,
and show you how they can be so very cruel.
From disappointment to deception,
who cares about personal perception?

Pay attention to the facts they cover up,
and stop drinking everything served to you in a cup.

I open up doors that have been closed for years,
and make people face their nagging fears.

They plot race, color, religion, sex, and gender
against one another to spiritually hinder.

A master plan of that one called Satan,
he knows how to keep the masses hatin'.

Nicholl McGuire 

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