Oh God!

Help me through this storm
rain clouds all around,
less feeling up, more feeling down.

Had a thought that made me feel sad,
then mad, and now glad--
brought my burden to you,
but God knows what to do!

I had been carrying emotional ties,
due to believing so many lies.
Folks claimed to love,
but void of the Holy Spirit from above.

Thought I would be okay,
then I realized I had forgot to pray.

Sometimes we lose spiritual insight,
and instead of praying, emotionally we fight.

Pushing away the things we ought to do,
while forgetting about the God who loves me and you!

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Poet Tells of Why She Blogs at

I wasn't always happy about the inconvenience of having to find a piece of paper and pen, then note what comes to my mind.  Sometimes papers get lost, pens don't work, and thoughts disappear as soon as they appear.  I was most appreciative of the blog invention because it helped with making my Internet experience more enjoyable.  When thoughts come to my mind, it is nice to know I can come on Blogger and share what I feel God has moved me to share.

My weaknesses as well as my strengths appear on this site in poetic form.  This is my release when those offline are unkind, uncaring, and uninterested in the people and things of God.  My observations of society and relationships from a spiritual perspective are also on here.  I rhyme to keep from crying at times.  I share what I know to keep people out of the traps that I have fell into in the past.  I tell people stories because there are life lessons worth sharing.  I am happy sometimes when I right and other times I am sad--wishing for Jesus to return soon.

I thank you readers who have been with me over the years and sharing my links--I notice and I am grateful.  For newcomers, feel free to browse my blog and spread the truth.

I leave you with love, peace and happiness.  If you are an event planner or publisher in the So-Cal area and seek poets, let me know by leaving a comment.


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Spiritual Poems By Nicholl


Satan Has No Love for the Rich

No love for the sinful rich,
a dark god annoying like an itch.

Fight to keep jealous feelings away,
so I look to God and pray.

Told not to focus on them,
the wicked, rich Them.

Advised it wouldn't be good,
they don't do what they should.

Once leaned on a righteous God to bless,
but now the backsliders don't confess.

Anointed with a false light,
godly things they put up a fight.

Desire to buy everything in sight,
push away God with all their might!

Got plans tonight, got plans,
doing devious things with ungodly hands.

Thought I wanted to be rich,
thought cash would satisfy my itch,
but then I hear people call a rich woman a "B*tch!"

Rich in mind, body and spirit,
Satan has a fit, declares one a misfit.

Deceived lovers of money,
look for thick, sweet honey.

Recruit black and yellow bees,
reminded money doesn't grow on trees.

From the looks of things,
there are plenty of six rings,
while the A-list entertainer continues to sing.

One day Satan will say, "Put up..."
But the blind will ignore and say, "Shut up!"

Give up anything to get something,
hope, wish and pray,
another one will lose a life before a birthday.

Nicholl McGuire

Rock Hard Soul

Rock hard,
big, small,
oval shaped, square, flat
brick, stones.

Foundations set in stone.
Life goals set the tone.
Millions, billions,

Saw people as stones,
talking on phones.
Wishing to be anywhere but here,
tried to stay clear.

No eye contact,
trying to keep a stone heart

No love coming in,
sin stacked like rocks,
a Holy God they mock!

Tick tock, tick tock...
it's almost 3 o'clock.

Satan's minions at work,
got fools doing the twerk!

Tick tock, tick tock...
it's time for another shock!

No leaning on The Rock
when men watch the rock!

Big, flat television screens,
centuries old deities receive paeans!

Problems everywhere, like stones everywhere--
can't count them no more than scalp hair!

What on earth can the Christian do?
When like stones, he or she sits in view--
immobile, decorated, dirty, cracked,
shard with emotions hard.

Nicholl McGuire


What Would You Do?

What would you do if you had less dollars,
faced with a test created by scholars,
or saw evil men make your neighbor holler?

Would you pretend to love?
Would you realize a vision that came from above?

What would you do when the war is at your front door?
Would you fight with all your might or get worried or
scared and act like God is not in sight?

What would you do if you were dying today,
would you bother to pray?  Would you know what to say?

What would you do if you had everything?
Would you give praise to God and loudly sing?

What would you do, what would you do?
The hours are few, a day, a second
a government coup.

Shouts to remove the Christian,
"Get out, get out!"
There's no more clout.

God warned of days like this,
luxuries will go amiss.

People will cry out in pain,
feel like they are going insane.

Attempts to appease their dark master,
but all ends in a dreadful disaster.

Challenges come in a deceptive surprise
through a myriad of black and white lies,
and then a diamond one,
falls over and dies.

The people cry out, "What are we fighting for?"
They always want, "More...more and more!"
But past plans don't bring solutions,
and neither resolutions.

A nation at war, a Star Wars,
has left many people feeling sore.

So confused, they know not what to do.
In darkness, asleep, sooner or later
they weep, and cry to a God,
"Where's our shepherd? We're sheep."

Nicholl McGuire


Alter on the Altar

Someone loves me
when no one seems to care,
someone loves me
even when I feel fair.

I appreciate the love of God--so real!
Better than the most fattening meal!

When life's routines get the best of me,
I look forward to what God is doing through me!

Prayers for a new and improved life,
and a little less stress and strife.

Happy to be born again,
avoiding any and all old sin.

A time when love comes around again.
Something brand new to begin!

No more reflecting on bad times,
good thoughts come in the form of new rhymes.

If I were to be a complete me,
it would only take God to re-build me.

Not enough time in one day
to do all the things I hear him say.

But he is ever-present with me,
he put away that old girl named, She.

Nicholl McGuire 


Set Free

Without God I don't know what I would do!
Life for me had been like an old shoe--
worn out, dirty, ugly, pew!

I had fought until I sought,
then began to receive a new thought--
one after the other after the other.
I encouraged a new brother.

Life was different now,
I didn't need to milk the cow.
Blessings come to me,
because I'm set free!

Can't complain about what use to be--
was no good for Old Me,
New Me can clearly see!

Thought I had everything figured out,
but what I needed God gave me a shout!

Praise comes from once dry lips
that use to take many sips.
These days walk a straight line,
the body now feels fine!

So in love with the New Me,
forgot about the Old She--
angry, bitter, and lost,
now a warm heart melts the frost.

God is able,
keeps food on my table!

God is so sweet,
better than the best cut meat!

God is my one true friend,
who determines my end.

Nicholl McGuire


Reconciled to God - Now How About You?

Left, came back, left...
had enough of cheating--
went to a meeting,

There He was watching,
welcoming me back.
I came with spiritual lack,
yet I made a comeback!

Praise to God, my Lord
with the sword!
He didn't hurt,
nor did he abuse,
he took away
what Satan misused.

He guided me by the hand,
reintroduced me to His Holy land.
No more running away
from sorrow,
no more hating tomorrow.

So happy to be with those
who love with those appointed--
the Cross above.

So free to be me
without a guilt trip
and no desire to
take an alcohol sip!

So happy to be with the Everlasting One,
to know and love His only Son,
and be used by their Holy One.

A reconciliation of peace and love
the kind that only comes from above.
Moving along in my life,
able to deal with the strife.
The Lord is there,
our burdens he bears.

It's time to walk past the stares,
and embrace the God who cares.

Nicholl McGuire



What Could I Do?

What could I do
when they threatened to sue?

What could I do
when there was more than a few?

What could I do
when I missed my cue?

Tell me, can you?

There is a God who sees it all,
He was the one who was with
me during my fall.

He was the one who put me to test,
He was the one who showed me His best.

When I thought I was all alone,
when no one picked up the phone.
God didn't give me a dial tone.

I had nothing to say,
all I could do was kneel down and pray.

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