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Skin Color Manipulation

So the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker
wanted me to share my views about a skin color
that I didn't choose, didn't refuse, and didn't lie to.

Wanted me to hate the other man for a business he ran,
employed people from a background like me,
closed their eyes so they couldn't see.

But why should I hate, what God permits on our plate?
I held up a mirror, showed them the errors of their ways,
while they walked around in that "get high" daze.

If I had told them what I felt inside, they would
have accused me of having some other kind of pride.
I wasn't going to be like the others who lied.
God knows, I tried.

Manipulate others to get what one wants,
create agendas to taunt, to taunt
design propaganda to haunt, to haunt.

That's what the players do.

Ignorance states what they cannot see,
the deaf, dumb and blind,
don't realize they are called to be free,
but brought back to "Once upon a tree..."

You see, I am in love with a God you can't see,
and he is the one that encourages me to be me.

Not interested in what others have to say,
for they won't be with me on my wedding day.
So I pray, I pray and I knew something would happen
before the month of May.

I expose fools breaking the rules,
and show you how they can be so very cruel.
From disappointment to deception,
who cares about personal perception?

Pay attention to the facts they cover up,
and stop drinking everything served to you in a cup.

I open up doors that have been closed for years,
and make people face their nagging fears.

They plot race, color, religion, sex, and gender
against one another to spiritually hinder.

A master plan of that one called Satan,
he knows how to keep the masses hatin'.

Nicholl McGuire 

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