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I didn't want to see it coming.
Another lesson to learn.
Got myself involved in something,
Then I got burned.

Put my feelings out there.
Met with a cold-hearted stare.
The devil tempted me
with yet another double dog dare.

If I had been more discerning...
had applied my spiritual learning
then I wouldn't have been
the one wishing and yearning.

Back then called out to God for help
but He didn't come running.
He remembered what I did,
so on with the shunning.

Sit in a mess for awhile
until it stinks like bile.
Rush before the Lord again
and ask him to walk this mile.

Nicholl McGuire author of many self improvement books including Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic.

Ugly Man

Thoughts and prayers to heal a soul--
take it all in!
Purge the sin!
Got more than enough stuff--
not interested in more fluff!
Need healing for my soul!

Material things can be annoying
like a big black, ugly mole
on a beautiful face,
but that one thing seems to be out of place.

Got a lot of issues,
not enough tissues!
But when enough is enough,
what do we all do?

We pack our stuff.
We get away.
We thank God,
we escaped yet another wedding day.
We pray.

Answers to prayer on a silver platter,
enough with the confusing head chatter!
We had more than enough to say to
deaf, dumb and blind lovers governed
by a too self-absorbed minion.

Abuse day after day,
so we get away.
Get away!
Get out the mind jail cell

Get away!
Get away!

*    *    *

Realized my truth--
saw a brighter future.
I sat too long in false comfort
to avoid those emotional cries,
just wanted to believe those sweet, ugly lies.

God reminded me.
Oh yes he did!
God didn't want my soul dying
suffocated due to all that lying.

The pain he rid like a baby out
the crib...the pain he rid,
closed the devil's lid.

Nicholl McGuire

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