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Impacted by a screaming woman, angry man
he listens, watches, listens
he sees nothing wrong with the song,
"...kill, beat, choke, kick, lie, connive"
for one dollar or many

Lost man likes blood,
threatens to draw blood
for every dark force
that moves him.
So far from his Father.

He thinks he is okay, alright
violent heart, violent thoughts,
gaming is a thing of the past.
He looks to feed the lust of evil
one day, but maybe not today.

Hollywood worships demonic spirits--
chants, cries, murders, and lies.
They offer Satan blood, then more,
never satisfied, the violent god preys on the weak.

An offer the devil made, the violent man
never prayed not like he will
after his first kill
love will be replaced
then he will seek God's face.

Nicholl McGuire

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