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Lesson Learned

It was I, not he
not she, had to be me!

I wanted to go,
I had to show,
then I didn't know.

If I thought it was love,
I would have saw the Dove,
but I knew it was not,
this was my last shot.

A word of wisdom came to me,
an offer that I really couldn't see--
was more concerned about the future
of three,
now look at me?

Happy I was at least in the beginning,
but now I look forward to a happy ending.

Once again blind, but now I see,
those that are sick can't blame me,
for God has called me to be free!

The next trip will be one
and I will have fun,
won't look back...
won't worry about a money stack.

Good times cost money,
men charm with honey.
Then before long,
down a hole like a bunny.

Looking for what's here and there,
your heart is left in despair.
A body with more than general wear.

God calls us out of dark holes,
and saves our lives--our souls.

Another lesson learned,
life experience discerned
received that perfect love yearned!
Finally something I didn't have to earn!

Nicholl McGuire shares her personal insight with young women from a spiritual perspective when it comes to relationships, see link.

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