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Rock Hard Soul

Rock hard,
big, small,
oval shaped, square, flat
brick, stones.

Foundations set in stone.
Life goals set the tone.
Millions, billions,

Saw people as stones,
talking on phones.
Wishing to be anywhere but here,
tried to stay clear.

No eye contact,
trying to keep a stone heart

No love coming in,
sin stacked like rocks,
a Holy God they mock!

Tick tock, tick tock...
it's almost 3 o'clock.

Satan's minions at work,
got fools doing the twerk!

Tick tock, tick tock...
it's time for another shock!

No leaning on The Rock
when men watch the rock!

Big, flat television screens,
centuries old deities receive paeans!

Problems everywhere, like stones everywhere--
can't count them no more than scalp hair!

What on earth can the Christian do?
When like stones, he or she sits in view--
immobile, decorated, dirty, cracked,
shard with emotions hard.

Nicholl McGuire


What Would You Do?

What would you do if you had less dollars,
faced with a test created by scholars,
or saw evil men make your neighbor holler?

Would you pretend to love?
Would you realize a vision that came from above?

What would you do when the war is at your front door?
Would you fight with all your might or get worried or
scared and act like God is not in sight?

What would you do if you were dying today,
would you bother to pray?  Would you know what to say?

What would you do if you had everything?
Would you give praise to God and loudly sing?

What would you do, what would you do?
The hours are few, a day, a second
a government coup.

Shouts to remove the Christian,
"Get out, get out!"
There's no more clout.

God warned of days like this,
luxuries will go amiss.

People will cry out in pain,
feel like they are going insane.

Attempts to appease their dark master,
but all ends in a dreadful disaster.

Challenges come in a deceptive surprise
through a myriad of black and white lies,
and then a diamond one,
falls over and dies.

The people cry out, "What are we fighting for?"
They always want, "More...more and more!"
But past plans don't bring solutions,
and neither resolutions.

A nation at war, a Star Wars,
has left many people feeling sore.

So confused, they know not what to do.
In darkness, asleep, sooner or later
they weep, and cry to a God,
"Where's our shepherd? We're sheep."

Nicholl McGuire


Alter on the Altar

Someone loves me
when no one seems to care,
someone loves me
even when I feel fair.

I appreciate the love of God--so real!
Better than the most fattening meal!

When life's routines get the best of me,
I look forward to what God is doing through me!

Prayers for a new and improved life,
and a little less stress and strife.

Happy to be born again,
avoiding any and all old sin.

A time when love comes around again.
Something brand new to begin!

No more reflecting on bad times,
good thoughts come in the form of new rhymes.

If I were to be a complete me,
it would only take God to re-build me.

Not enough time in one day
to do all the things I hear him say.

But he is ever-present with me,
he put away that old girl named, She.

Nicholl McGuire 

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