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Don’t You Worry

Don’t you worry about a thing,

God sets situations up for man to change.

Oh, don’t you worry about a thing,

God sets situations up for woman to change.

Arguments don’t just arise,

oh there has been truth compromised.

Men say that what they do is right,

doing evil in God’s sight.

Got excuses for everything,

wrote songs that their devils sing.

Saying that they do believe,

but the truth is they aren’t free.

Women cry about what someone said

while lying down in a cold bed.

Want someone to hold them,

but spend years scolding them.

Could have had a wedding ring,

but confusion is all the devil brings.

Holding the evil one's hand

while a soul sinks in quicksand.

Tell you any lie,

before the mean-spirited die.

Serving the one-eyed enemy,

while drinking his spiked tea.

A little money to get some honey,

watching movies to feel sunny.

God sets situations up for man to change,

His thoughts out of a human mind’s range.

So the next time you wonder what they do,

remember God’s point of view.

by Nicholl McGuire

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