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Pain had me going insane.
I tossed back my mane.

What is going on and why?
I took a sigh.
"Lord, why?"

What do I gain
from going through pain?

Something good must be ahead--
as soon as I get out of this bed.

The devil was speaking,
his scent was reeking.

Told me I was going to die,
you know that was a lie!

So I made up my mind,
"Seek and I will find."

Put my hand on the holy book,
and it just shook and shook.

With tears in my eyes,
I kept fighting against personal lies.

"My, my, my, why, why?"
God gave me peace.
The pain had to cease.

From pills to chills, staring out at hills,
from prayers and good wishes, and stinking dishes,
it was time for change, had to keep God in range.

This was crazy stuff, I was feeling so bad,
looked rough, but you know God's people are tough.

Pain tempts you to go insane,
you might even walk with a cane,
but sooner or later, you will be back,
and spiritual gifts will come in a stack.

God will bless you like never before,
your heart can't stand what is in store.

So give God the glory,
and be prepared to tell your story.

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