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The Has-Been Christian: Once a Soldier for God, Not No More

How do you talk to a Christian that thinks he or she is good with God? How do you tell this person that he or she has not been doing much these days that exemplify the character of Christ? Could this person be plagued with a spirit that keeps telling them, "You are okay." Is this person in the early stages toward having a reprobate mind?

There are many has-been Christians. The type of people who lived victoriously at one time in their lives. They walked around with an anointing. They witnessed to the lost. They may have sung in the choir, attended bible studies, and taught fellow believers at one time, but now? They are like one-hit wonder celebrities, has-beens, the kind of people who use to be great.

These, in my experience, are the hardest people to talk to. Years ago, I wanted to know what position in God's church am I supposed to play when it comes to witnessing about Jesus. The Lord told me, "You are to remind the back-slidden Christian to come back home." I started doing that in 1997 when I printed and distributed a newsletter in Pittsburgh Pa and then later in Cleveland Oh for a season. Then I too, became like the has-been, I reveled in the past victories, while God asked, "What have you done for me lately?"

The has-been already has some understanding when it comes to the Holy Bible. He or she is not ignorant of the witnessing process. He or she knows to go to church. This person doesn't mind telling you that either. Has-beens believe once saved always saved, yet they don't realize that they too, like the world, have monkies ie.) demonic spirits on their backs. These demons they invited into their mindsets when they decided to partake in worldly experiences. They are like the man who gets ready for work, he bathes and grooms himself only to go to his physically intensive job to get dirty again. How can a man call himself clean when he has been engaging with other dirty people in a dirty world?

Just like one who has once been lost in the world, now has a desire to serve God, the has-been must fall back in love with God. So how does he or she do it? By going to God with a repentant heart, not only praying, but allowing the time to listen to God as well. The has-been must get back to study. Go to bible passages as the Lord leads until he or she is under the direction of someone more knowledgeable. This person must admit before a congregation that he or she has back slid by taking that walk back down the aisle again like he or she did years back. Therefore, witnesses will welcome him or her with love as well as hold the brother or sister accountable to his or her re-dedication to the Lord. Members of the church will also need to pray for the backslider. The has-been Christian most likely will have some "stuff" on him or her from years of dabbling with the world's pleasures. Examples of that stuff include: entertainment that glorify sinful behavior, having sexual relationships outside of marriage, cussing, lying, and cheating others and groups out of time and money, and much, much more!

Unless you or I can admit that we have all been there, are still there, or are on our way to going there (meaning distancing ourselves from God,) we will one day look up, and be like the has-been still naming and claiming like we still have it together with God. Still praying like God is listening. Still sinning while falsely assuming we are good. Still praising the Lord while cussing people out. Still acting like a heathen while thinking we are a saint. The Bible has a name for people like this, "Fool."

Nicholl McGuire

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