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In the Spiritual Realm I Heard...

When it comes to sharing my work online, I have to do what I am told, according to the Lord.  Sometimes I am received by like-minded believers and the unsaved and other times I am not.  Some people, both on and offline, rather discredit me because I don't hold certain titles, am not the person they think I ought to be, or don't have the kind of associations and influence they might have.  When working for the one true God, no man-made things, groups and the like matter!  I go about my work, in Jesus name!  I try to give the kind of information to make people want to come up higher while revealing truth.  I warn people about things that I know myself I have gone through.  I also seek healing when some things just burden me; therefore, God moves me to write about them.

So these days I heard in the spiritual realm, "completion."  God's number 7 -- completion.  Last year, a prophetess shared the word "Release" to those in attendance at a worship service in Pittsburgh.  Now in 2012, I am hearing the word, "Completion."  I rarely share such information on or offline because I know, for some, this kind of talk is over their heads and besides God doesn't always move his saints to share words with the general populace.  This is why spending time with God and his people is so important--it keeps you in the know!   If believers and unbelievers not seeking the Lord for self, reading his word and doing other things to keep their ears to God, then they just don't get it.

The word, "Completion" to me as well as to others in my networks, such as: Facebook and Blogger, simply means, all that you started during the past year must be finished this year, according to the Lord.  This means if you started or was in a relationship last year, your answer of whether to stay or go has already been given to you.  Now is the time to finish it--whether at the altar or bring it to an end.  If you started a book, project, or some other assignment, completion means to you just what it means to me, complete it!  God says, make the time to finish it!  If you have been searching for a job, it's time to get one, you already had some opportunities, but some of you passed them by in the hopes for more.  If you have been having some financial difficulty, it's over!  You have the information to get out of debt, so end your difficulty by doing the right thing.  There is no need to keep seeking the Lord about things that you know already, you are only procrastinating! 

For those of you who have people around you who keep at you over this thing or that one despite your doing the right thing, the time to put a stop to such behavior is now!  You must rid yourself of such negative people!  God wants believers to complete old business, because there is a new work in you that needs to be tended to!  Like a woman in labor, it has long been time to birth out what God has given you!  Some of you are headed for a C-section.  God will be like a doctor cutting you to get to "it!"  Whatever the "it" is that he put inside of you, God may take it and give it someone else, if you don't take his word seriously!  You know this sort of thing doesn't happen without pain!  This is the word God gave me. 

Now, the prophetess who shared the word "Release" in Pittsburgh back in July, with myself and others, also spoke of a spiritual abortion as recent as January 2012.  This means that those of you who have a word from the Lord and know that you need to be working on this issue and that one, this project and that one, as well as handling negative relationships and habits, God says, you are literally killing what he has put in you!  You are basically committing an act of abortion on yourselves!  God isn't happy and when you kill something of his, you curse yourself!  Get back on track, before it's too late!  If you would like to hear this message and other ones, visit Talk and put in code 87382.  The group is called, Destiny International Ministeries  with Overseer/Prophet Deshawne Coles.  I am not a member nor do I get paid for recommending this person or her group.

So if you are one of those individuals who have been in need of some kind of confirmation or revelation on what is happening in the spiritual realm, this is all you get from this blog post.  For further details, take out your own lamp, fill it with oil and tarry for the Lord--metaphorically speaking of course.  In the Bible, be like those brides waiting for the groom and don't let your lamp go out when he comes!

Be blessed.

Nicholl McGuire

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