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She got her blessing, but he didn't,
the man once was smitten,
but jealousy got the best of him--
and now he's bitten.

Young woman lost weight.
Stopped eating so much off her plate,
but angry eyes, and negative cries--
have made her succumb to lies.

Old man seems to have everything
gave everyone he knew something,
but most didn't appreciate,
and now they just stare and hate.

Fans scream and shout for an idol,
have no time for the Bible,
for it doesn't matter to the Mad Hatter.
Just another celebrity,
cursed by his title.

See the world is mad, mad, mad
while the devil is glad, glad, glad!
for there's no love for the good,
and even if they could,
doesn't mean that they should.

Not happy for your fellow bro
don't think about the seeds one must so
just wait around, feel down,
while your spirit sinks to the ground.

Manipulators mold people like playdough
Always got them on the go.
They see the tree say, "What's in it for me?"
While another is swept by the sea.

No blessing lately has come to you
didn't want to do all there is to do,
talking behind someone's back,
taking up no slack,
then wonder why
nothing good happens to you.

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