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Have you ever given thought to Jesus' role as a leader?

So often we hear about Jesus being our friend that his role as leader usually gets put aside.  But Jesus' true role in the gospels was that of a leader. 

Think about this, Jesus went out and recruited men.  He knew what their abilities were.  He later trained them.  Then in his absence, he left it up to them to repeat the process.  In the old testament, we saw many men prophecy, but actually go out amongst men and teach them how to spread the gospel of Christ, well that didn't happen, because he hadn't arrived yet.

In modern day businesses, we see similar examples of shall I say, Jesus' business model.  There is a coporation who has a program and they need others to help them with it.  After spending weeks showing recruits the ropes, leaders will allow workers to proceed with little, if any, supervision.

Now in between the whole process of recruting and training his team, Jesus displayed a good-hearted nature, patience, kindness, and  other similar attributes.  He also made certain that all members of his team rested and were well-fed.  Think of how many leaders nowadays are less like Jesus and more like Pharaoh.

Are you one of them?

Nicholl McGuire

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