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Watered Down Gospel from Watered Down Ministers

If I haven't mastered something myself, then I stay away from the subject area until I have mastered it. If I can't get my act together in one area, I can't afford to stand before a congregation of people and say, "Oh yeah, church I'm good!" I wonder if self-proclaimed ministers of God think this way before telling others what they ought to do in their lives.

We have witnessed ministers of God preach a good message, but later find out in the media that they have relationship problems, sexual issues, and weird childhood fantasies. We are perplexed. How can they tell the world something when they don't have it together at home?  They do it by watering down truth.

See, there is no shame when one is not convicted by truth in all it's forms not only in the Bible but those miracles, signs and wonders in one's personal life too!  No one around this person will confront others with truth for fear that they might get kicked out of the minister's chosen group. Therefore, the minister gets away with lies and half-truths.

Anyone preaching any message out of the Holy Bible is a minister with or without a title. That is why one must watch what he or she says and does around others. Are we watered down ministers with a watered down message spreading it to a watered down flock? If so, then we are held accountable.

Preaching messages that deviate from God's warnings in his Holy Bible to lost, back slidding men and women is wrong!  Skipping over text in the bible so as not to offend is wrong!  Re-wording scripture so that it is easy for people to follow is wrong too!  God's word is simple enough without adding to it weak commentary.

It isn't any wonder why there is no staying power with the new Christian at a conference who gets saved.  What I mean by staying power is a desire for a new Christian to continue to maintain a personal relationship with Christ.  A new believer doesn't stay with a powerless group of watered down Christians. How can he keep attending church services with watered down messages that don't prosper him spiritually, physically and/or mentally? Who wants to continue to fellowship with weak-minded believers who are more interested in what you have on, then what you are saying?

If you are a minister, don't ask why people don't stay with God after attending your services. Could it be that you are more interested in growing the flock rather than tending to it in such a way that makes the flock want to go out and spread God's word? Maybe, for some ministers, it is more important to keep the flock at home, because if you do, the money will stay home as well.

Just something to think about.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate

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