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Urgent Prayers

You say you need something to happen in your life with urgency. So you go to God with your requests. Before long, you are wondering why does it seem that everything you prayed for is happening so fast that you can barely catch your breath. The reason is very simple, you and God were in a agreement with your prayer requests, so now you must do your part--put some pep in your step! But you say, "I'm not ready..." Remember God's time isn't on your time.

You see we put an urgency stamp on prayers that we aren't willing to run toward. We can't keep it up, we run out of breath after the first 50 yards. God is moving ahead and leaving us behind! If we don't run behind our Father like a child does in order to keep up, we might feel like daddy is leaving us behind.

Some of you wanted God to move on your behalf years ago and now it is your season and you are dragging your feet. Taking your sweet time about making phone calls, mailing documents, signing paperwork, and more! What's the hold up? You asked God to do things and now you aren't ready? "Well I don't know, I mean is this God really in the plan? I have to be sure. Maybe I should wait on it." Your period of waiting may have long been over. A good way to know whether this is your time is when you start looking around to see everything you are currently doing is coming to an end. There is no more opportunities but the one in front of you. No more advisers to talk to and speak positively about your situation. There is no one who will take you by the hand anymore. It's just you, God and the plan.

Don't pray daily if you aren't really ready for what God has in store. You wanted a better life and you got it. You wanted a better man and you got him. You wanted a wife and you got her. You wanted a better job, a nicer home, and on and on. Now you got it, so what are you waiting for? You keep dragging your feet and before you know it, that blessing that is here today will be gone tomorrow. Run the race.

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