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15 Reasons Some Churches Should Close

During a time when most churches should stay open, it is actually beneficial to the church body at large to close them. Why you may ask? Because if a church is not going to obedient to the word of God, be led by the Holy Spirit, and work to uplift a community and help to reform its people, then close it!

One. Every Sunday church is a big party. The leadership is always on the road and guest speakers are doing the pastor's job.

It may seem on the surface that the church should stay open. People seem to be having a good time. However, no where in the scripture does God command us to have a good time. If anything, most of the books in the Bible talk about God doing or saying something in the Bible to convict, condemn, uplift or renew a person spiritually. If God has appointed a shepherd for his flock, then why are sheep grazing in unknown territory where wolves are abound? Sometimes the wolf shows up and becomes the shepherd? So if the church is looking to have fun, allow for their shepherd to go here and there, and appoint others less experienced to run the show, why not turn the group into a social club?

Two. Biblical truth is not being taught.

With each passing Saturday or Sunday, the church is skipping over scripture, editing scripture, changing Bibles so as to find a more accepting passage of scripture, and doing other things with scripture that God would frown upon, why bother to call your church a church? No matter how unpopular the text, stick to the script! Don't change it because man/woman is offended.

Three. The leadership/board members are consistently doing something that is totally against the will of God.

God teaches mercy and forgiveness, but he also is a just God. He knows we are sinful and that within each of us we are rebellious. So with that said, when you know church leadership will not behave in the way that God wants us to, then why keep following them? In time, their burdens will fall upon you along with God's wrath. We are to stay away from workers of iniquity.

Four. Members physically fighting in the church.

When you find that people are allowed to fight in the church with little or no input from staff, there is a problem. Sometimes the staff is responsible when this happens, one ought to find a church with less distractions. The enemy loves to create distractions to keep you from focusing on God.

Five. Tithe money finds only the leadership's income, while everything else in the church suffers.

The building is falling apart, the choir needs new robes, there is no working instruments, lighting is terrible, and the air conditioner is non-existent. Yet, the church leadership is getting paid. There is a problem, someone or group doesn't have their priorities straight. If the building is suppose to honor God, then the church has a funny way of showing it!

Six. Members do not go outside of the church to do anything God-related.

How can you call yourself a Christian when you do nothing but go to church? There is no talk of God outside of the church. No sharing any messages to encourage others. No invites to your church home. There is absolutely nothing going on that says, “God wants you!” This is a good enough reason to re-evaluate whether your church is really about serving the Lord or serving yourselves.

Seven. No assistance from congregation on matters of significance. Leadership is often disputing.

So you tried to talk some sense into your brother and/or sister in Christ, but no one is listening. Others have tried to do some positive things to get the church moving in the right direction, but all anyone wants to do is argue. Close the church and re-open it when everyone on staff knows their role.

Eight. Lack of attendance and a handful of dedicated members.

Why does one need a church building that seats hundreds for a few members who could fit into someone's living-room? God doesn't care about man's tradition such as how long he has had the church in his family. God cares about saving souls. Give up the church to a God-ordained minister who can fill it up and meet at someone's home.

Nine. Problems budgeting the church finances.

No matter what anyone does, the church continues to have problems paying the bills. Why continue to rack debt and worry over keeping utilities on when one can't figure out the church finances? Close the church until you have a team of people who know what they are doing.

Ten. Repetitive maintenance issues.

People of God can put others at risk when they continue to take chances seating people in churches that have building issues. From environmental allergies due insects in the kitchen, don't keep a church open that has these kinds of problems. Otherwise in time, the church just might be hit with a lawsuit.

Eleven. Children are running the church.

The biggest misconception about children is that they are innocent. They are capable of doing evil just like any other person; therefore, they should never be trusted to run a church. If the only “holy” person you can find in your church is a child, then it's obvious it is time to close your doors.

Twelve. Loans are being taken out to pay for every bill accrued by the membership.

As soon as the blessings come in, there is a collector with his or her hands open. This was never God's intention when he called his workers to open his church. Unless church staff can find another way to stay out of debt other than borrowing money, then it should close. Why? Because it's only a matter of time that the church will start becoming money-centered rather than God-centered in order to keep people interested enough to donate. See article on “The Church Building and Rising Debt” written by Nicholl McGuire.

Thirteen. People worship the building by believing that God is only present in the church.

This type of behavior borders on the line of witchcraft and idol worship. God is everywhere! We can't limit him to a church building. When a congregation is spending more time living in the church; rather than being home with their families, there is a spiritual problem. If the building is causing you to sin, cut it off!

Fourteen. There is no one spiritually gifted in the church.

What's a church without spiritually gifted people? Those that are appointed by God should be able to share all gifts! Not select ones just because others may not have those gifts. Test the spirits and help those spiritually gifted to become stronger within the church body.

Fifteen. The church is lukewarm.

God talks about lukewarm churches is his Bible. He spits them out. When a church is barely making it, and no one is being impacted, say a prayer, plan a date for close and simply walk away. You will get fed more reading the word with two or three than with a group that could care less about God or His word.

If you are a part of a group or leading one and you are finding it increasingly difficult to move ahead according to God's will, go to him with your church issues and ask him to lead you and/or your group in the right direction.

Read Isaiah 51 and if you should have to speak boldly before a group about what you have learned, keep in mind, God is on your side.

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