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Do What God Has Called You to Do

God will tell you at some point in your spiritual walk to do something for Him and you ought to be prepared to take instruction. However, what many believers will do is ask others for confirmation on what God wants them to do. This will get you into a lot of trouble with your maker especially if you are talking to the wrong people about what he has laid in your spirit to do! Remember the story of Jonah and the whale. Jonah tried to circumvent God's plans for his life, but it didn't work, did it?

Some of the things people will do when you share with them what God has called you to do are as follows. First, someone will ask you, “Are you sure God wants you to do that?” Another will say, “God wouldn’t tell you that. And still another will be indifferent to what you are telling them. Their lack of enthusiasm, negative response, or nonchalant mood might discourage you or cause you to question whether you heard from God or not.

I remember a time when I told family and friends about a 40 day fast that I knew without a shadow of a doubt God called me to. I had received confirmation first, by a word in my spirit, then an unanticipated biblical passage, and finally a radio broadcast that I just so happened to tune into one day. But, by the time those who seemed initially positive and impressed with my dedication to my faith got a chance to ponder with others, there seemed to be an all-out effort to get Nicky off her fast. “Why would God put her on a fast like that? Is she trying to kill herself?” some asked.

As I grew older in my walk with God, he used mentors to tell me: to be careful sharing what God wills me to do with others and to be cautious of "my" dreams, and don’t always feel a need to share everything that I had learned spiritually with others. My mentors reminded me of Joseph the dreamer in the Bible who shared the message he received from God in a dream with his brothers only to one day find himself in a pit due to his brothers’ jealousy. One of the greatest lessons to be learned from the biblical story is that although the enemy opposes what God has willed for you to do, God’s plans will not be stopped! As we know, despite all the challenges placed before Joseph, God’s plan was still accomplished.

I found that with every task God assigns me, as long as I keep my focus on him and ask him questions like, “What's next, Lord? What should I do? Should I wait on this or that?” and other similar questions when it comes to put what his will is for me, I move forward and am fulfilled by the end of the day. But, when I take my eyes off God’s plan, that’s when the enemy comes with all sorts of distractions. For example, before I know it, nothing gets done!

Keep your eyes on the Lord, but also pray that whatever plans of the enemy to keep you off your tasks will not be accomplished. Sometimes God will test us for a variety of reasons including whether or not we are about his business.

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