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Spring Time with God on the Mind

How I had wished for months for the cold to go away!
How I would sit back and pray,
about the sleet, the hail, and the rain
behind four walls-- feeling like going insane!

My head would ache,
my heart would break,
from fussing and fighting,
he nor I saw a sun sighting.

Couldn’t wait for spring time, for arms of sunshine,
so I could begin to start to feel fine.

Laid down one night and had a dream
of a beautiful white flower that looked like cream.

A man would appear,
He had scared a deer.
carried no metal,
just a simple flower petal.

A return of happiness he brought
and many lessons to be taught.
Like a Lily in a valley,
with its fragrant blooms,
he had decorated the outside of many tombs.

He would remind me of the beauty that I possess, the beauty that I had long forgotten, I must confess.

So pull back the curtains, raise the blinds,
open a window and don’t ignore the signs!

I take a long whiff of the fresh morning air,
While thinking, “I’ll go to the neighborhood fair.”

I look up to see baby blue skies –
and inside my emotions start to arise.

Oh, how I appreciate living!
A renewed spirit for giving!

Look at the tall, green trees,
the waves of the seas!

The birds that sing,
The wind chimes that ring!

No more locked up in the house!
No more feeling like a mouse!

Once a short run here or there
to fill cupboards that were bare,
then back in bed to escape cold while
staring at an old vase with a dead Marigold.

Spring time has awaken me,
To the reality that many still don’t want to see,
that there is a God,
and He reigns over you and me!

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