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What Do I See?

What do I see all around me?

A world of acceptance.
A world of no abstinence.

We are told it's okay,
we are told what to say.
How to act
with little if any tact.

If you need some help
to get out of your mess
for the right price
some will confess.

Hold your hands open and ask for a dollar.
Keep your mouth closed you better not holla!

Takin' you for what you got
a problem now that they have sought
for fame, fortune, and some shame
their music and wardrobe are so lame.

No role model, no scholar
poppin' a dingy, stained collar
criticizing about what you can't see
fakin' friendship with someone like me.

Kind people are no secret, no lie
take advantage of them and make them cry.
Always lookin' for the next best thing
makin' idols of people who can't sing.

What are we livin' for?
To spend more money at a store!

Who are we fightin' for?
a friend or a foe.
Whose really behind all the show?

Give me a moment to catch my breath
before evil puts me to death.
I want to live right,
but sometimes it's not in me.

When I do right,
they don't help me.

Negative words beginning to stack,
wonder why I won't call back.
Not interested in a lack of common sense
seems to keep my heart rate tense.

Would love to spend more time in joy.
Would love to sit down with my boy,
play cars and trucks for hours and hours,
but words come to me like rain showers.

Need to always vent and confess,
it relieves the pain and stress.
I hope for more love and better days
God bless me with your golden rays!

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