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Bible Study Gone Wrong

Could it have been a test
I settled for less?

Gave God no glory.
All I had was a story
of how they hurt me
and what I failed to see.
Should have been more careful.
Should have held on to my key.

But I let them all in
while I drowned in my sin.
No one seemed to care
pointed at me in the chair.
Said I wasn't saved
denounced what I had craved.

I wasn't completely clean
but neither were they.
Still a work not finished yet
with a past He let me forget.

Nothing seemed to matter
all I heard was chatter.
So I knew what had to be done
went for the door
but couldn't run.

Someone else held the key
the best part of me.
I had let them in
while drowning in my sin.

Sometimes we make people the idols of our lives and that my dear friend is a sin.
"Thou shall not worship any idols..."

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