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Money Makes the Church Go Round

I had my head in the sand
when I held the paper in my hand.

It said "to come and visit me!"
I had to go couldn't wait to see!

There were smiling faces
more than in other places.

The Cross displayed proudly on a wall
The Bible, like Humpty, had a great fall!

For the anointed man didn't read from the Book.
Instead he passed the basket around
for he was a crook.

Winked to the drum man
looked at the choir
They were a part of his desire.

More money for him
More money for them.

The people danced.
The children pranced.

Nickels, dimes, pennies too!
He didn't care Gentile or Jew.

They say, "The preaching was real good!"
He didn't say a word that he should!

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