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7 Things You Should Pray For Often

The following seven things are the most important things you should pray about when speaking with God. As you will see in the Bible, prophets prayed for these things and supernatural miracles happened for many of them. When you feel up or down in your life, pray. A healthy spiritual life is key to combating the perils of this life. May the following seven prayer requests renew you in mind, body, and spirit.

One. Healing and health is what sustains us each day. Without being healed from a sickness you can’t be of much help to someone else. When you are not ill, it is best to thank God for the health you already have and remember someone who may not be doing so well with his or her health.

Two. Wisdom is what you will need in whatever you do. How can you know what to do in a situation when you have no knowledge? Sometimes a book to read, conversing with someone, or Internet research is simply not enough. You may have to look to something greater than man or thing to get the answers you need to solve your problems.

Three. Protection from harm and danger is essential when you fear what you don’t know. How do you know when you leave your home today, you will be coming back without injury, better yet, alive? How do you know that your adventure seeking family member will come back safe after challenging his fate yet again? These are experiences that happen to people often and wouldn’t it be nice to know that someone cares enough to pray?

Four. Family and friends and anyone you come in contact with on a daily basis. Most people don’t realize that when they share a problem with a friend, subconsciously they are looking for something more than sympathy. They want answers and encouragement. The next time someone tells you about their aching back or troubled relationship secretly pray for them.

Five. Prosperity financially, spiritually, and mentally. There is absolutely nothing wrong with praying for a financial increase, spiritual renewal, or mental strength to handle the next challenge set before you. If you can ask someone for money, seek a psychologist for mental health, or sit down and listen to a minister counsel you, then why not ask God first?

Six. The ability to see signs and wonders. God is still blessing millions of people with miracles. If you need him to give you a sign your situation is already being handled by Him, then why not ask for a sign? However, you will need to pray the following to be sure that the sign you are awaiting for is not a trick from the evil one.

Seven. Discernment. Too many people go into situations not knowing who is friend or foe. Wouldn’t you like to know who indeed is on your side at work? What family member really doesn’t love you? And why certain people seem to always be around you when you need them? The only way you will be able to see the goodness as well as the evil in some people is by praying for the gift of discernment. However, a gift like this isn’t dispensed to everyone, only God’s chosen and the only way you can become one of God’s people is if you accept Him. Easier said than done.

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