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He's Got Something for You

Got a million lines and a hundred signs
with few toys and four boys.
Got a place of peace and music to cease
the noise I hear when I feel fear.

Got a new view on life trying to stay away from strife.
Got a whole lot of wishes and a pond of fishes.
Cast my net below to see what grows
and hope through the process I won't doze.

Thinking of things and what the future will bring.
I have a small voice that sings
says, "You will be okay." Keep urging me to pray.

There is something bigger beyond a thought
if we consider ourselves nothing more than a dot.

You and I know we live life like a show,
until our final day we must go, go, go!
Say "hi" to a friend and hope it's not the end.
Say "bye" to a past and hope this time it will last.

Go to bed at night then wake up feeling alright.
Go about our day while that voice keeps urging us to pray.

He's got something for you, but what will you do
when the clock ticks and your heartbeat sticks?
When the time is right you will pray with all your might.

But will He listen when eyes no longer glisten?
Do you really know where your soul will go?

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