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Someone Prayed for Me Today

Someone prayed for me today,
came across my blog to say
that 'tis the season not to play,
time to get ready for the big wedding day!

They say,
"You have a lot to say, been reading your posts" since May.
Understand you have some seeds to lay,
said a prayer for you today.

You and I are from the same vine.
We stand in the same line
Like you, I use to drink wine and dine.
Then I realized I didn't have much time.

I saw an ungodly sign.
Thought everything was fine.
But the man on the cross,
Reminded me of my loss.

If I kept doing the same thing,
then misery I would only bring.

I know it has been hard,
that's why I carry a card.
It reminds me to trust God,
the creator of the rod.

Don't want to misuse my gifts.
Following God creates some rifts.
But I have to do what I do,
if I want to be one of the few.

There was a time I would cry
even justify a lie.
But time is of the essence,
since I have been blessed by His presence.

I don't know what your journey has been,
but like mine, most likely filled with sin.

God uses people to write--
some choose to share their plight,
while there are others who pick a fight.

The road to the promise land is a process
unlike a game, there is no recess.

Have to keep walking a steady pace,
stay focused in order to win this race.

Thank the Lord for people like you,
the ones who think of me,
the kind of people who look beyond
what the eyes can see.

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