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It's a New Day

No worries, no pain from yesterday
got a feeling that today is my day!

Going to pick the old me up off this bed--
no longer crying and seeing red!

I'm not in the mood to lend a listening ear
to gloom.
Don't have the energy to share my space
with doom!

Not today.

Taking time for my Lord!
Sharpening my sword.

Got a plan in my hand
won't let it sink in sand
(At least not this time
spending my last dime!)

Walking on a pathway of peace
while praying for foolishness to cease,
I held my hand up
and the Lord took my cup--
said I wouldn't be needing this
something I thought I'd miss--
it was yesterday's troubles
sitting in bubbles.

Today is my day!
So I will sit and pray,
whatever the Lord wills
come what may!

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