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The Agnostic & The Atheist

One believes there might be.
While another won't see me.

They believe in choice,
but don't give Christians a voice.

The enemy supports their views.
And before long, they end up in the news.

And some of you even respect them.
Looking at a weed and calling it a gem!

You encourage the growth,
by taking an oath.

The unbeliever believes in what he wants
he uses slick phrases and even taunts.

The ignorant, lost and confused
are typically judged and then abused.

Why debate with an ingrate?
Why lose sleep over their peep?

You know the difference between truth and lie,
what do you think will happen when you die?

A flash of a light and it will all be over
while some will be resurrecting a new Rover.

So why bother with the archenemy
whose only out to destroy your anatomy?

The fool says there is no God. Psalm 14:1

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