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It Was Something About Him

I couldn't put my finger on it,
something about him I didn't like.

These were the days that I was
in love with Mike.

He was nice.
He was respectful--
kind and polite.

He was educated,
unique, but not my type.

I wasn't crazy,
I was just young,
still a baby.
Didn't know the difference
between what was good and what was shady?

He was a beautiful man
who loved God--
used the Bible as his
fishing rod.

My blind eyes couldn't see,
he knew he had often annoyed me.

"Come to our bible study,"
but I wasn't ready, my life
wasn't clean, it was still muddy.

God took his hand off the spiritual man
and left me alone--there was no more Dan.

No more invites and no more slights.
I thought I was doing "okay, alright."

But now that I look back on my life,
God was trying to save me from stress and strife.

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