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Lonely? Remember to Pray

It's a lonely world when one is broken. People don't know how many tears you have cried behind closed doors. They smile and show their support to your face or cut your throat from behind your back. Yet, you have to be strong through it all. You have to save your dignity, swallow your pride, and balance your weight or you might fall.

It's a lonely world when the lights go out and everyone is in bed, except you. It's 3 a.m. and you are wondering if tomorrow will be a better day. There are times when you wish tomorrow never comes. You watch the sunrise and still you hurt inside, nothing has changed over night.

God seems so far away.

It is important at this very moment to build your faith in God. Talk to Him like you would a human being. It may seem foolish talking to an empty chair, but one positive thing about it, it doesn't argue, fuss or fight back.

Let God hear the cries of your spirit and then move on! Preoccupy yourself with the best that life has to offer. Do not put yourself in captivity by doing anything that would cause you to be dependent on the object, substance or thing. As you know, prescription medicines, illegal drugs, promiscuity, violent television, and ungodly books, just to name a few, may provide temporary relief, but in the long run you will have made a bargain with the devil. A price that you will pay with your life or the life of another in the short or long-term depending on how much life you got left.

Please remember to pray.

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