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The Friend I Found In You

Everything I wish a friend to be I found in you.

When my family didn't have the time
you heard my cries
didn't have to protect my heart
with some made up lies.

You were there in death
in sickness
and in health.

You built me up
even when I tore myself down.

You held my hand
even when I pulled away
like a selfish two year old
wanting to play.

You were my strength
when I fell weak
talking to a bottle
and throwing up pills.

When hunger pains
clenched my stomach
you filled it up
with a plate of love
and a drink of hope.

You never forgot about me
when you talked to your God.

Opened up your arms
gave me a hug
kissed me on the cheek
and tucked me in bed.

You listened to my rants
even slapped me when I needed it.

Cried with me
through the heartbreaks.

Laughed with me
until our bellies ached.

You were everything to me
and I to you
for when I was strong
I carried you too.

Thank you for being
the friend I found in you!

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