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For Those Who Forget To Pray

Walk out the door.
Drive your car.
Talk on the cell phone.
Speak to your boss.
Leave a note for a co-worker.
Go out to lunch.
Read a book.
Complete some paperwork.

You forgot to pray.

When you walked out the door, someone had been waiting to rob your home.
As you drove your car, you missed an accident.
The person on your cell phone, hadn't told you about her plans to commit suicide.
Your boss had planned to fire you a month ago, but you still have your job.
The co-worker you left a note for was responsible for him keeping you.
The lunch you ate today, hadn't made you sick.
The book you read, you could have missed the sale.
Incomplete paperwork would have cost you money and the company.

Yet, He didn't forget about you.

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