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Other People's Problems

Minding my own business.

I didn't call you.

You called me, wanting to talk about your problems.
Problems you could have avoided, but you made the choice to ignore wisdom.
Thought that you were strong, but really you were weak.
Subjected yourself to enemy schemes to kill, steal, or destroy your common sense.

I offered my opinion, to this, you talked over me.
Afraid I would say, "I told you so."
Yet, what I did tell you, your ears were closed.
Didn't want anyone to be right but you.

The conversation changes, feeling offended, you start talking about other people.
Ready to get off the phone.
You wish you hadn't called.
I wish I hadn't picked up the phone.
I have my own problems.

So I don't say I will pray for you, but I know I will.
It's not worth mentioning, because you won't listen anyway.

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