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Money and the Working Parent

Born into the world needy
grew up and became greedy.

First baby boy born
my heart now torn.

Split between job and time
can't seem to save a dime.

Living check to check
a credit card wreck.

Loan upon loan
only a sigh and a moan.

Dirty diapers and cries
the American dream lies.

Hold my limp hand
tired legs can't stand.

Freezer meal junkie
laundry smells funky.

Sink full of dishes
and pot of gold wishes.

Tired husband, wife
feeling the stress and strife.

Nights provide a break
One day by a lake.

Giving up on some things
while the church bell rings.

No more, no more
my heart no longer tore.

Choose between job or time?
My love is above a dime.

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