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Halloween Hypocrite

Dress it up with Jesus,decorate an orange cookie
an unholy celebration,
but when you do it, it's just a party.

Whatever you say,
whatever you do,
Halloween hypocrite
this one is for you!

You say you don't celebrate,
but wasn't that your neighbor's candy you just ate?
Leading people to believe it's all uncool,
yet you breaking your own steadfast rule!

Sending the children off to school and church
while they color cartoons that look like Lurch.

Then you say, "It's all in fun!"
but I thought you said, "I'm done."

They got you compromising your beliefs
with pumpkins, witches, and goblins
and stories they teach!

Sneaking their religion in everything,
it's nothing but biblical demons that they bring.

Rejoicing the dead
over something they said.

Feeding a lost soul,
it takes its toll!

Don't want to lose a friend,
but compromising in the end.

Halloween hypocrite,
issues like these, you just sit.

No wonder the world ignores you,
many are called, but chosen are few.

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