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When You Think You Have It All

Sat quiet,
long enough to listen.
The Lord spoke to my heart,
provided love that was missin'.

Gave me what I always wanted,
while others just taunted.

I have an abundance in my life,
despite all the good and evil strife.

Sacrificed food, drink, and sex,
yeah, my walk is very complex.

Even stopped war with others, just to see,
if God was really listening to me.

Oh, he took the dare,
He answered my prayer.

No longer wanted to question or doubt,
rather be at home or church with a shout.

Quieted the rich and the poor--talkative fools,
who love to argue about the rules.

Had to know that I know.
It was no longer about So and So.

If life on the dark side was so great,
then why so many filled with hate?

They are so-called a success, but still crying broke,
material wealth just makes them all choke.

Still hurting,
and skirting
around the truth.

Still wearing faces of shame,
while placing blame.

Still got personal problems and lying,
still talking of death and dying.

The teacher's pets of our world,
always doing something bold.

There are no remedies for lost minds,
especially ones who keep showing their behinds!

Nothing to relieve man-made stress,
some can't handle even one more test.

Headed for a mental breakdown,
running to every party in town.

New relationships provide no real joy.
Treating sex like another gadget-- a toy.

New locations provide no real peace.
Can't get personal trouble to cease.

The man named Jesus isn't their answer,
rather they think it's all in the hips of a dancer.

But He is mine,
I'll go ahead and wear that shine!

I'll take blessings meant for them.
I'll dance for a God who knew me when.

So thankful, so grateful for the Spirit within
he tries to keep me from committing sin.

Whether alive or dead, I'm going to be alright,
because I know I am fighting the good fight.

A work in progress I know I am!
That's why I trust in God to build my dam!

Can't allow the world to swallow me up.
That's why I need Jesus for backup.

I'm free!  More free than I ever was!
That's why I no longer need a buzz.

How can one look at me,
when God also called you to be free?

No pressure, no more wishes to escape from heartache!
No more walking around acting phony, acting fake.

God directed me to a place in Him that I am comfortable in.
Don't need to worship things including those made of tin.

A personal relationship is what it's all about.
I don't need to follow that other him for clout.

So be thankful for the mind you didn't create,
even the life you have no control to date.

For today, you may have it all,
but tomorrow might be your fall.

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