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Single Woman: God is Not Your Husband

The Bible often refers to us as "children" of God.  Therefore, why would any single woman refer to God as "my husband."  For some of you, who were called to be married, but never arrived to that place, can I tell you, that God says, "You were never able to marry, because you had made up in your mind that you were already married to me."  But what about Christ coming back to get his bride?  I'm sure you are familiar with analogies.  This doesn't imply that single women should be waiting for Jesus to come marry them.  But what about the scriptures that talk about the women who never let their lanterns burn out, while the others did waiting for the groom?  This still doesn't validate this issue of making God your husband.

We are sons and daughters of God, children of God.  God doesn't need a wife.  A wife is meant for a human man who needs help here on earth.  God doesn't "need" a woman's help or the intimacy that comes with a human marriage.  Instead, he chooses to share with us his work in the kingdom and desires a personal relationship that may be similar to that of a marriage, but not a human marriage.  It is a privilege not a requirement to be in the body of Christ.  Both you and I have the option to opt out at anytime (which I don't advise.)  Opting out of any human relationship isn't always that easy, now is it?

So single woman, if you choose to be connected to the Lord, know your place.  Study who you are in Christ and find out what purpose you are to serve in the kingdom. Also, above all else, pray about it.

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